girls-senior-photo-fashion-tipsHere are a few ways you can prepare for your best senior pictures portrait session:

  • Come to the session clean faced, with clean, dry hair.  Our professional makeup artist will do the rest.  It is also a great idea to bring a picture of makeup you really love so we can give you that perfect look that represents.. YOU!
  • Avoid being overly tan, sunburned or having obvious tan lines. They are harder to color-correct and process, which will add to your cost.
  • Don’t hesitate to rock your favorite accessories and shoes. They are a fun way to show your personality.
  • Make a personalized Pinterest board with images you love and share them with Blue Sky’s.  We want to capture images that you totally love!
  • Vary your necklines and sleeve lengths for different looks.
  • Check those bra straps; correcting strap lines later on is time-consuming and costly.
  • Avoid wearing busy, striped clothing as they tend not to photograph well. 
  • Be hydrated!  Bring water and drink plenty of water prior to your session.  We want you skin to glow!
  • Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before, so you look your best.
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