While I love all aspects of portrait photography and capturing real family relationships, I am most passionate about photographing kids.  I feel like in real life I am a little bit shy (those who know me well might find this hard to believe) and I feel a little awkward being silly… BUT with kids of all ages this completely goes away.  I love to talk to them, hear their point of view, be silly with them, play games with them, just let kids be kids.  

This kind of relationship with kids, has created a lot of wonderful opportunities for me.  One of my favorite is photographing the lifestyle images for Adora Dolls.  From working with Peggy and bj to come up with new ideas each year for the photography session storyboard, to helping select the wonderful models we use every year, this is definitely a passion project for me!  

This past year I was fortunate enough to work with an incredibly talented teen to help capture the photography experience through video.  Conner Brashier may look younger than his years, but he has a God given talent that is so impressive.  Also, the little girls absolutely LOVE him!  I won’t be surprised if he was receiving fan mail… seriously!  At the end of the session, one girl even asked him to take a selfie with her!

Here are just a few of my favorite images from the Adora session, along with the fantastic video Conner put together of the photography shoot experience.  


Meet Conner!


Behind the scenes Video of the Adora session:


I am addicted to improvement… I always strive to be better!  A better photographer, a better Mama, a better spouse, a better communicator, a better person.. just each day become a little better than the last.  One of the areas that I have been working on developing is a commercial portfolio.  This has been a real challenge for me, to really culled down the images I love and make them into a portfolio.

So, last year, a dear friend, and my college roommate, asked me if I would ever be interested in working with her company (a children’s clothing retailer).  In the past, all of my commercial accounts came from personal contacts…. either I had photographed their family, or I knew them from my volunteer work or as personal friends, so I was really excited about the opportunity.

The problem was, I did not have a commercial portfolio to present to her company.  But, thanks to some amazing clients who volunteered their children, I quickly put a shoot together with some darling outfits, and created a quick, online portfolio to share with her company.

So here it is, my first portfolio magazine!  I am working on a new one, as I have several new commercial accounts, but this is where I started!  Enjoy!


Let’s see, what has been going on in my life over the last few months.  Oh… we moved.  Yep, we decided to embrace the simpler life and move from our 3400 sq ft. house in South Laguna Beach, to our 1200 square ft cottage in the village.  With two kids in high school and the next phase of our lives right around the corner, we decide for the next three years we want to keep our family close.  We also want to spend more quality time together, walking to the beach, hiking the on the trails, cooking together, traveling to the kids swim meets together, without the stress of an enormous house payment.  And, I could not be happier!

I have also been pursuing my goal of having more commercial clients.  I love collaborating on photo sessions, helping create a voice for my clients.  It really helps me push my creativity and I love to collaborate with other professionals.  I also think it really help create a more editorial vision for my portrait clients.  Here is a sneak peak at one of my current project A.N. Designs denim.  I absolutely love these jeans and own several pairs.  I am looking forward to a long, fun and prosperous relationship with this amazing company! Enjoy!


Some of you might recognize these two from a recent styled wedding session we did at Sweet Pea Ranch wedding venue.  They were the perfect models for a vintage inspired outdoor wedding.  So naturally a styled photography session for the super fashionable and fun Beachbrella brellas made perfect sense.    I joked with both of them that this was like their honeymoon.

So most of you know I love Boho fashion and these umbrellas fit perfectly into my personal style.  I love the extra details on the fringe, especially the wooded beads… so amazing.  And the best part is that they are super UV resistant so no nasty sunburns after a day spent on the beach.  They also include a beautiful bag that fits over the shoulder, so they are easy to carry.  No trying to juggle everything on the way down to the beach.

Beach Brella is a premium, boutique ‘brella (short for umbrella) brand created to capture a luxury lifestyle beach and resort experience. Their brand mantra: “Made In The Shade” sets the tone for our unique line of ‘brellas that stand apart from the crowd.

These umbrellas can be purchased locally in Laguna Beach and other premium boutiques or online at their website www.beachbrella.com.  Checkout just a few styles from our recent session:


What do you get when you combine  7 girls under 7, lots of dolls, tons of candy from B Candy and attitude…… a “Sweet and Sassy” session for Adora Dolls 2015!  Here is just a little sneak peak of a few of my favorites from the day.  Thanks to Brooklyn, Kennedy, Payton, Hailey, Alexa, Marina and Keira!  You kids rock my world! :) Enjoy!