That was the question presented to me a few weeks ago when a close family friend introduced me to Michael Chadwick.  Now, if you are not in the swim world, this name may not mean much to you.  But for me and my family, Michael is a rock star swimmer.  One of the fastest humans alive in the 100 Freestyle, he is an absolutely amazing swimmer.  Here is the thing, he is an even better human being.

Michael called me up to let me know that he would be in Laguna Beach for his Spring break and was planning to ask the love of his life, Cassi, to marry him.  He wanted to know my option on a location that would be super special and unique to Laguna Beach.  I could not think of a better place than Victoria beach.  He agreed and we set the plan in motion to surprise Cassi.

As is usually the case, there were a few hiccups in getting their close friends and family down to the beach and hidden before Michael and Cassi made their way to the designated spot.  And, Michael pretty much forgot all of the directions about where to meet, because he was so darn nervous.  However, it all came together perfectly and just as the sun started to go down, I was able to capture Cassi saying YES!

chadwick-9017Since the entire engagement was a surprise to Cassi, we wanted to give her the opportunity to make the engagement session something really special.  We scheduled for a complete session a few evenings later.  Cassi had the opportunity to choose the location with Michael and do her hair and makeup so she looked perfect.  Here are some of the beautiful engagement images from the open field in Laguna Beach.  Congratulations to both of you!  Enjoy!


Some people you just meet them one time and you know you have a connection. Somehow you feel that they are a member of your same tribe. You chat, and laugh, and feel like you have know each other forever. That is how I felt when I sat down with Pete and Jessika to talk about their upcoming wedding at Red Horse Barn in Huntington Beach. They are really low key, and clearly very much in love. As we got to know each other, somehow Chico State came up in the conversation. The weird thing is that we are all alumni. The other weird thing… they are the third wedding in one calendar year where either the bride or the groom was a fellow Chico alumni…. and that just makes things really fun! Fast forward to the day of their engagement session. Since they are having a rustic/ romantic wedding, we decided that the rusty vintage truck at my studio was the perfect starting point. We proceeded to the “love” tree, then on to the open field (“be careful to shuffle your feet to ward off snakes”) and finally to a very blustery beach finale for romantic sunset. I am so excited for their wedding day! Enjoy. engagement photography_0012engagement photography_0013engagement photography_0014engagement photography_0015engagement photography_0016engagement photography_0017engagement photography_0018engagement photography_0019engagement photography_0020engagement photography_0021engagement photography_0022engagement photography_0023engagement photography_0024engagement photography_0025

Watch more on the their highlight slideshow: 

Most of you probably know that I am officially on vacation until next week, but I could not resist posting a few images from a recent engagement session with this hot couple!!!!  Talk about great legs…. Amanda looked stunning.  I especially loved that she incorporated the fur coat that was her grandma’s into her wardrobe.  These two are getting married at the San Clemente casino… swoon!  I love the open floor plan and the fabulous grounds at this venue.  I can’t wait to show it off when we post their wedding images this summer!  One of the best parts of the wedding for me will be the vintage travel theme.  I really love old textures and vintage details incorporated into wedding themes.

For my wonderful family of Blue Sky’s clients, I am busy this week getting ready for our popular styled sessions.  This year I will provide clothing, props, special locations and lots more to make each session unique.  We will only be offering 20 sessions for January and February combined, and it will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Some of the themes that I already have planned are Urban color smash, gypsy inspired for kids, creekside for families, vintage cars for up to 3 families, Play in the snow in Arrowhead, angle inspired for little girls and so much more!   E-mail us directly for more details at

Hope everyone had a wonderful new year and all my good blessings for a fabulous 2012!  Enjoy!

The beauty of working with a couple over a long period of time, is that in the end, I get to call them friends.  That is definitely the case with Hope and David!  These two have been together for several years and so, when they started to plan for their wedding day, they wanted to make it everything they had dreamed of!  From their wedding ceremony at Laguna Village to their amazing reception at The Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills the day was planned to perfection.  The best part for me, was getting to shoot the “Day After” portraits.  That is right, the beautiful Hope put her dress back on and actually got into the ocean.  Not bad for a gal who had really enjoyed the party the night before.  I am so bless to do something I truely love and Hope and David…. I truely loved you two!  Enjoy!

Wedding Planning: An All Inclusive Event

Makeup: Makeup by Berit

Reception Hotel: The Hills, in Laguna Hills

Florist: Chris from Paradise Delight in Newport

Hairstyling by: Rhandi at Total Image Salon in Diamond Bar

Wow was all I could say when I met Hope and David at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano for their engagement session.  Seriously, they both look so fabulous and brought the perfect attire for every part of the Blue Sky’s engagement session.  We started out with some gorgeous romantic shots in the Mission.  We followed that up with wandering around the historic district.  There was literally 1oos of beautiful spots to photograph these two.  Doesn’t Hope’s makeup look fantastic!  Thanks to Berit from Makeup by Berit for doing such an awesome job!  I can’t wait for the wedding at Laguna Village by An All Inclusive Event, followed by the reception at The Hills hotel in Laguna Hills.  The best part of all is that they are going to follow up the ceremony with a Thrash the Dress session!  That’s right, Hope is going in the Ocean in her beautiful wedding dress!  Stay tuned and enjoy!