The best urban photography location for senior portraits is definitely The Lab Anti-Mall

What makes the Lab Anti-Mall the best choice for senior portraits?

Urban locations in Orange County are a popular choice to schedule your senior photos. But what is best urban photography location for senior portraits? At Blue Sky’s we think The Lab Anti-Mall is the top choice for an urban senior photography session. Here are my top five reason to book your senior pics at The Lab Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa.

Social media-worthy senior portrait location: Anti Lab

My top Five Reasons to book your urban senior pics at the Orange County Anti-mall

1. Lots of Modern Textures for your portrait background

If you are looking for a lot of variety in backgrounds for your senior portrait session, this is the perfect location. This spot features The Lab on one side of the street and The Camp on the other side. The Lab charges $100 to photograph on the property. The price is reasonable as you can use two locations.

The Lab Anti-Mall has vibrant colors, urban fields, and alleys for picture-taking. On the other side of the street you have The Camp which has a lighter and brighter aesthetic.

Senior portrait in front of a vintage barrel fountain at The Camp Anti-Mall

2. Limitless Creativity and wardrobe choices

If you are a creative senior and want to showcase your personality, the Anti-Mall is a great choice for your session. I recommend a wardrobe of edgy streetwear inspired clothing for this locations.

Denim, Doc Martin shoes, leather jackets, lots of layer, all look amazing in this location. If you need help selecting the perfect outfit, bring lots of variation and we can help you design a wardrobe for your session. Your portraits will look like you stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine!

Creative senior portrait at Camp Anti-Mall.

3. Social Media Appeal

In today’s digital age, a memorable social media presence is essential. The Lab/Camp, with its unique design and eye-catching features, guarantees that your senior session will stand out on Instagram and Tiktok. Your portraits will not only be visually appealing but also shareable, ensuring they leave a lasting impression. High school seniors will love how these images look on social media.

Social media-worthy senior portrait location at the lab anti mall

4. Both Rustic and modern backgrounds in an open space

The Camp Anti-Mall is a great balance between rustic and modern for your photoshoot. The old barrel fountains bring back memories of the past, while the murals add life and excitement to your senior photos. This combination adds depth and character to your portraits, creating an enduring appeal that sets your photos apart.

Senior photos that stand out at Camp Anti-Mall.

5. Customized to Your Taste

Camp Anti-Mall is incredibly versatile, catering to a range of preferences.

If you’re seeking a place with character, a touch of nostalgia, or a vibrant urban edge, Camp Anti-Mall delivers it all. A unique place where the beauty of your final year in school merges with the creativity of the city. So, if you’re looking to make your senior portraits stand out in style, Camp Anti-Mall is the perfect choice.

An artistic senior portrait in a unique environment at the camp anti mall

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Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach in Laguna Beach

Are you wondering which beach in Laguna Beach is the best for your senior pictures?

Crescent Bay Beach is located in North Laguna Beach.  With its stunning natural features and unique backdrop possibilities, it is one of the best beaches in Laguna for senior pictures.   Are a senior guy or girl wanting to have a photo shoot with a cool coastal vibe?  Or do you dream of a session at sunset with all the pastel colors and soft lighting.  Either way, Crescent Bay beach is the perfect choice for your senior pics.

Picture of a high school senior photography session at Crescent Bay beach at sunset

So what makes Crescent Bay beach special?

This beach is nestled along the California coastline with an entrance to the beach on both the north and south sides.  Since the beach is situated in a neighborhood, it can be difficult to find.  That is why we consider this spot a hidden gem.  Unfortunately the parking is very limited.  However, it is well worth the trouble of finding parking, because it is typically a tourist free location.

What to Wear to this senior photography session?

This location is the perfect spot for a flowy sundress, casual jeans and a sweater or your college gear.  Because of the variety in backgrounds, you can choose from a wide range of colors for your clothing.   Sunset colors, neutral tones, cool blue tones and cream and white look amazing on this beach.

Let’s explore what makes Crescent Bay Beach a perfect choice for senior photography:

High school senior photo session at the beach in Laguna beach at golden hour

1. The Cliffs and Hillside

This beach is embraced by a breathtaking hillside that provides an exquisite backdrop for your senior portraits. The rolling terrain of this hillside harmonizes with the coastline, adding a touch of elegance to your photos.  There is nothing more beautiful than the view of the cliffs at sunset.  If you are looking for romantic, dreamy lighting, nothing is better than Crescent Bay beach.

Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach featuring a girl at sunset in a white dress.

2. Rocky Wonders and Tide Pools

The diversity of natural elements at Crescent Bay sets it apart. The rocky areas, both at the north and south ends of the beach, offer captivating textures and patterns.  These textures against the ocean make for a dramatic and picturesque settings.

3. Kaleidoscope of Caves

The hillsides that line Crescent Bay beach are filled with unique caves and tunnels. These caves provide a delightful interplay of light and darkness.   Theses caves on the beach make Crescent Bay unique to other coastal locations.

High school senior graduation from Laguna Beach having her portraits taken on the beach in North Laguna

4. Palms and Panache for your professional senior photography at Crescent Beach

The iconic palm trees of Southern California have a special place in our hearts.  Crescent Bay’s palm tree grove is the perfect setting for seniors who want that California vibe in their images.

Senior girl's Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach in Laguna Beach

5. Seal Rock: The Unique Prop

Among Crescent Bay’s unique features, Seal Rock stands out as an offshore wonder that doubles as a captivating background for your senior portraits. The rock’s distinctive shape and its position in the water provide a rugged yet elegant setting for your photos.  A short hike up from the beach is a beautiful park and lookout.  This is the ideal location to end your senior session with a breathtaking view of the beach below.

TCU bound high school graduate gets Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach


As a photography expert, I recommend Crescent Bay for your senior portraits. It blends nature’s beauty with your high school experience, creating unique photos.

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Bolsa Chica State Beach for your senior portraits

Are you a senior looking for the perfect location to capture your senior year? Look no further, Bolsa Chica State Beach

Capture stunning senior portraits at Bolsa Chica State Beach.  Where pristine sandy shores, dynamic ocean views, and natural landscapes provide diverse backdrops for unforgettable senior photography experience.

Senior portrait session at Bolsa Chica State Beach

A Coastal Paradise for your Senior Portraits

Bolsa Chica State Beach is a hidden gem along the Southern California coast, known for its natural beauty and scenic vistas. It’s the ideal setting for senior portraits that will truly capture the essence of this special time in your life.

Bolsa Chica State Beach, surfer senior photographer

Five reasons to choose Bolsa Chica State beach for your senior pics.

  1. Prestine Sandy Shores: The beach boasts wide stretches of clean, golden sand that provide a timeless backdrop for your senior portraits.

High school senior photography, Bolsa Chica State Beach Photographer

2.  Ocean Magic:  The ever-changing beauty of the ocean adds a dynamic element to your photos. From the gentle lapping of waves to the stunning sunsets over the water, Bolsa Chica offers the magic of the sea as a captivating backdrop.

Senior portrait session at Bolsa Chica State Beach, capturing the graduate's excitement and coastal vibes

3.  Natural Landscapes: Beyond the beach, you’ll find a diverse range of natural landscapes, including coastal dunes, wetlands, and lush vegetation. It has also a great place to park and get a beach in the background.

4.  Add a Vintage VW Bus to your session

Enhance your Bolsa Chica State Beach senior portrait session with a vintage VW bus rental! Our partnership with a specialized rental company makes it easy and budget-friendly to include this iconic vehicle in your photoshoot. Picture yourself by a beautifully restored VW bus, embracing the beach’s natural beauty.

Bolsa Chica State Beach senior photoshoot

Bolsa Chica State Beach is a place where high school seniors can express themselves, have fun, and capture the essence of this time.

So, if you’re a high school senior looking for the perfect spot to capture your senior year memories, consider Bolsa Chica State Beach – where every photo tells a story of sun, sea, and smiles.

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Welcome to San juan capistrano, the perfect location for senior photography

The charming city of San Juan Capistrano offers a plethora of stunning backgrounds that will make your  senior photos truly memorable. From historic buildings to lush gardens, there is no shortage of picturesque spots to capture the essence of this beautiful place.

San Juan Capistrano senior guy photography session in the cactus plants

San Juan Capistrano senior sessions: Parking

One of the advantages of choosing San Juan Capistrano for your senior photography session is the ease of parking. You won’t have to worry about navigating through crowded streets or searching for a parking spot for hours. The convenience factor allows you to focus on enjoying the senior experience and creating lasting memories.

San Juan Capistrano is the pefect place for a senior urban session. This senior is wearing a flannel shirt and khaki pants which work great in this location.

San Juan Capistrano senior sessions: variety of backgrounds

Another reason why San Juan Capistrano is great for a senior photography session is the variety of landscapes it offers. Whether you prefer a rustic setting with train tracks and vintage cottage backdrops or succulent gardens, this location has it all. The diverse landscapes provide endless possibilities for unique and personalized photographs that truly reflect your personality and style.

image of a senior in san juan capistrano using a one of the variety of backgrounds.

Book your San Juan Capistrano Senior Session

So why wait? Book your Blue Sky’s studio senior photography session in San Juan Capistrano today and let the beauty of this location enhance your portraits. Get ready to create stunning images against breathtaking backgrounds, enjoy hassle-free parking, and explore the wide range of landscapes that this city has to offer. Your senior year deserves nothing less than extraordinary photographs in an extraordinary location like San Juan Capistrano!

Click here for more information on a session.

Senior guy in san juan capistrano showing it is the perfect spot to shoot a senior portrait session.

high school Senior guy in san juan capistrano showing what to wear to a senior portrait session.

Santa Margarita high school senior guy getting his senior portraits taken in San Juan Capistrano's historic district.

Senior portraits in San Juan Capistrano with a senior guy from Santa Margarita High School

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Plan your perfect High School Senior Photo Shoot on Tablerock Beach in Laguna Beach.

Michigan high school senior who traveled to Laguna beach for her senior portrait session. We photographed the session on Tablerock beach at sunsest.

Are you planning a perfect destination high school senior portraits session in Laguna Beach?

Are you ready to capture unforgettable memories of your high school senior year? Look no further than the stunning Tablerock beach in Laguna Beach! With its picturesque views, golden sand, and breathtaking sunsets, it’s the perfect location for your senior photo shoot. Let the natural beauty of this coastal paradise serve as the backdrop for your most cherished moments. Get ready to strike a pose and let your personality shine as you create lifelong memories in this spectacular setting. Whether you are a local Orange County senior or you want to plan a destination senior photo shoot, Tablerock beach is an ideal location.  Your senior photos will truly be a reflection of who you are and all that you’ve accomplished during your high school journey. So gather your friends, choose your favorite outfits, and get ready to have a blast capturing those picture-perfect moments at Tablerock beach in Laguna Beach!

High school senior portrait session at Tablerock beach as the tide moved in. Blue Sky's Studio photographed this senior with her toes in the sand as the water swirled around her.

Here are some important things to consider when planning your perfect High School Senior Photo Shoot on Tablerock Beach in Laguna Beach

Choosing the right photographer for your senior beach session.

High school senior from Michigan traveled to Laguna Beach for her High school senior portrait session. She wore bold colors on the sand at Tablerock beach to bring all the focus of the photographs on to her.

When it comes to beach photography, the challenge lies in dealing with strong backlighting and harsh reflections. But fear not!  We know just how to navigate these obstacles and create stunning images that truly capture the essence of your senior photography session.   At Blue Sky’s Studio, we use professional lighting equipment, reflectors and scrims to enhance our images and create the perfect portrait in every lighting condition.

Picking the Best Time of Day: Plan your perfect High School Senior Photo Shoot on Tablerock Beach in Laguna Beach at Golden Hour Laguna Beach high school senior photography on the rocks at Table Rock beach. This was a destination photography session.

The Golden Hour, that magical time just after sunrise or before sunset, is renowned for its soft, warm light that adds a touch of ethereal beauty to your photographs.   Why do we encourage you to book your beach session during the golden hour?  First, we want you to be able to open your eyes wide and not squint during your session.  It is much easier to open your eyes in soft lighting.  Second, golden hour lighting produces smooth even skin tones.  And finally, the beach in the early morning and late afternoon is far less crowded.  This means no crowds in the background of your portraits.

What to wear when planning your perfect high school senior photoshoot on Tablerock beach?

Photo session at Tablerock beach in Laguna Beach for a class of 2024 high school senior. She wore the perfect outfit of a tube top and flowy skirt in soft turquoise to match the ocean color.

It’s time to capture those memorable moments and create stunning senior portraits that will last a lifetime. But wait, what should you wear? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you choose the perfect outfits that will make you shine in every frame.

When it comes to beach shoots, comfort and style go hand in hand. Opt for lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen that will keep you cool under the sun. Flowy maxi dresses or skirts paired with a cute crop top are always a great choice for a boho-inspired look. For a more casual vibe, try denim shorts with a colorful off-shoulder top.

Don’t forget about accessories! A floppy hat, sunglasses, and statement jewelry can add that extra touch of personality to your ensemble. And of course, let’s not forget about footwear – sandals or wedges are ideal for walking on the sandy shores.

Remember to consider the color palette of your outfits as well. Soft pastels or vibrant tropical prints can complement the beach backdrop beautifully. Coordinate with your friends if you’re planning a group shoot and aim for a cohesive look without being too matchy-matchy.

Lastly, be true to yourself and choose outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. After all, these photos are all about capturing your unique personality during this special time in your life.

So go ahead and have fun selecting your outfits for the high senior Tablerock Beach photo shoot! Get ready to create memories that will make everyone say “Wow!”

Highlight Tablerock Senior Portrait session with McKenna

Now you know where to book your session, the time of day for your session and what to wear for your session.  Here is a the gorgeous Mckenna (named after the beach in Hawaii) who came all the way from Michigan for her Laguna Beach senior photography session!  To see a guy session at Tablerock click here.

Close up headshot of a high school senior on the beach at Tablerock Beach. Tablerock beach is located in Laguna Beach and it is the perfect place for a high school senior portrait session.

This Tablerock beach high school senior portrait session not only incorporated the sand and surf, but also the lush tropical garden area at the beach.

This flowy skirt answers the question of what to wear to your senior portrait session at the beach. A lightweight skirt and tube top perfectly fits into the beach environment.

Golden backlit image of a high school senior from the class of 2024 at Tablerock beach. This is the perfect location at sunset for a destination high school senior session.

We would love to book your senior session.  Feel free to reach out to us at 949-510-3862

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