Are you always behind the camera taking candid pictures of your beautiful kids?  Do you hesitate to get in front of the camera because you still want to loose 10 pounds, you are hoping to get a new haircut, or you are just not satisfied with how you look?  Don’t wait because you deserve to exist in portraits for your family.  Your kids will look back and the portraits of you, will be their most precious possessions.  There is a reason why people grab the photo albums first when there is a fire or a flood in their home.  Because portraits are our own personal history and really our most precious possessions.  

I want to reassure you that I can make you look and feel your very best.  First off, I can take off at least 15 pounds with good posing.  Not to mention that I am a photoshop artist with almost 20 years of experience making people look like the best version of themselves.  Finally, I can recommend a wardrobe that will highlight your best qualities.

You deserve to have a beautiful portrait session for Mother’s Day.  Start with hair and makeup in our studio and have your family join you so everyone has an amazing experience.  Better yet, you can gift portrait art to your husband or father for Father’s Day and both holidays are covered.

There has never been a better time to celebrate you!  Our Model for A Day session includes professional hair and makeup, a fully styled photography session and a $200 print credit all for $249 (value $499).

Call now 949-510-3862 or email me at to book your session.  Only 8 spots left at this price.  Check out this family that managed to get everyone together and have a great time too!


I started Blue Sky’s in 2002, as Blue Sky’s Salon and Studio.  So much has changed over the years. I no longer have a retail store, I have worked from my home and then again from a studio, I have had a large staff, and then a small staff again, I have expanded our photographic services to weddings, high school seniors and commercial photography along with our original family photography.

A few things haven’t changed!  I have still been so fortunate to surround myself with amazing people.  Georgia Soares is one of those rare people that despite adversity, is still a bright, positive and uplifting person.

I originally meet Georgia through one of my high school friends.  Over the years Blue Sky’s has photographed her four beautiful daughters for so many fun occasions.  One of my favorites from when they were very young was, all the girls dressed up in their Kentucky Derby dresses and hats.  We have shot for Mother’s day, the family on the beach and many more.  

As with lots of clients, as the girls got older and their family changed, I didn’t see them as often.  Georgia survived a horrific illness, the girls got busy with sports and social commitments…. things changed.

Fast forward to March 2016, the oldest Soares girl is out of high school, two are in high school and the baby is in 8th grade.  I had the amazing opportunity to capture all the girls as young adults.  It was so fun to laugh and catch up and hear all about their lives for the last few years.  This is just an amazing, close family.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to once again capture portraits of them.  Here is a highlight slideshow of just a few of my favorite images from the day!  Enjoy:



The challenge with photographing lots of families, year after year, is always producing a unique, inspired and storytelling group of images that represent “your” family at this stage in your life.  So many of the wonderful families we photograph at Blue Sky’s Studio want to document their lives each year (I do this too).   As we are getting ready to send our oldest out into the world, I absolutely cherish the albums we have put together from our family photography sessions each year of our kids lives.  

One of the best ways I know to produce unique images, is to choose a different location in Orange County, each year, to have your family photographed.

Recently, I went through  loads of sessions and put together an album of all of my favorite locations, so Blue Sky’s clients would have the opportunity to page through lots of sessions and get inspired.  You can check it out by clicking here.  Each year, I try to add additional locations to my repertoire, which gets more difficult as you can imagine!  The fact is, we are truly blessed to have a studio in Laguna Canyon.  Not only is the studio a spectacular place to have your portraits taken as the lighting is heavenly, but it is also surrounded but fields, urban areas and very close to the beach.  Seriously, in one session, you can have Urban, Coastal and studio images!  Pretty cool if you ask me!  

Here is a highlight of one of the areas in my own backyard (our family moved to downtown Laguna Beach this year and I can walk out my door and be in any of these spots within minutes).  This location features the beautiful Victoria Blakemore, who will be attending the prestigious Parson’s School of Design in New York!

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My number one question in November is….. “Kristin where should we do our photography session this year”????  While I strive to continue to add fun, unique locations to our list of perfect photography places, I also LOVE input from my clients!  Yes, that mean you! :)  So, for the next several weeks, a few times a week, I will feature a cute slideshow of one of my favorite locations.  Today, it is right in my backyard…. downtown Laguna Beach.   Thanks to beautiful Tiffany for being my senior model:

I love lots of personality… silliness…. sassiness…. kiddos with lots of character. These two cuties and their adorable Mama definitely fit the bill. Not only were their outfits outrageously cute, but we also giggled the entire session. This is one of my favorite type of family photography sessions. Lots of great places to shoot on and around the train platform and a family that is just enjoying being together.

It is once again the best time of year for family photography. If you want to book something really fun and creative, it is best to start planning now, as my schedule gets totally booked out in October and November. Enjoy!