Capturing Memories: Your Guide to Booking a Beach Photography Session in Laguna Beach

Beach Session in Laguna, what you need to know:

Welcome to Blue Sky’s Studio, your go-to source for capturing beautiful moments along the stunning shores of Laguna Beach! If you’re planning a family photography session amidst the sun, surf, and sand, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essentials of booking a photography shoot on the beach in Laguna Beach. From acquiring permits to the benefits of hiring a professional photographer and the top beach locations, we’ve got you covered!

Family photo session at Picnic beach at sunset in Laguna Beach.

Permit Matters: A Must for Laguna Beach Photography

Before you embark on your photography adventure in Laguna Beach, it’s crucial to obtain the necessary permits. The city of Laguna Beach takes environmental conservation seriously, and permits help ensure the preservation of this natural beauty.

To secure a permit for your beach photography session, visit the Laguna Beach City website or contact the City of Laguna Beach Parks and Recreation Department. The permit process is relatively straightforward, and it’s essential to apply well in advance to guarantee your preferred date and location.

Mother Daughter portrait session on the beach at Tablerock beach in Laguna Beach.

Why Choose a Professional Photographer for Your Beach Session

While it might be tempting to rely on your smartphone or an amateur photographer for beach photography, there are numerous advantages to hiring a professional Laguna Beach photographer:

  • Expertise: A professional photographer understands the nuances of beach photography, including lighting, composition, and location selection.
  • Equipment: Professionals come equipped with high-quality cameras, lenses and lighting equipment, ensuring your photos are sharp and vibrant.
  • Creativity: They can bring out the unique charm of Laguna Beach, making your photos stand out from the rest.
  • Experience: They excel in capturing candid moments, ensuring that your family’s joy and connection shine through in every shot.

Best Beaches for Your Family Session (click here to see samples of these beaches)

Everything you need to know about a photography session in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach offers an array of picturesque beaches that provide a perfect backdrop for your family photography session. Here are some of the top choices:

  • Tablerock Beach: Known for its stunning sea caves, Tablerock Beach offers a touch of adventure and natural beauty that’s perfect for family photos.
  • Crescent Bay Beach: With its panoramic views and rock formations, Crescent Bay Beach is a popular spot for capturing the essence of Laguna Beach.
  • Victoria Beach: Famous for its iconic Pirate Tower, Victoria Beach is a unique and enchanting location for your family photos.
  • Picnic Beach: Nestled within Heisler Park, Picnic Beach is a serene, family-friendly location that combines beautiful coastal landscapes with lush greenery.

What you need to have before booking a session in Laguna Beach


Booking a photography shoot on the beach in Laguna Beach is a fantastic way to create lasting memories with your family. From acquiring the necessary permits to hiring a professional photographer and choosing the perfect beach location, careful planning ensures that your session is a success.

At Blue Skys Studio, we’re passionate about capturing the beauty of Laguna Beach and the joy of your family moments. Contact us today to book your Laguna Beach family photography session, and let us turn your beachside dreams into cherished memories. Remember, whether it’s for a family reunion, engagement, or just a fun day out, our team of professional photographers is here to make your beach photography experience unforgettable!

Ensure your memories are as breathtaking as the scenery – book your Laguna Beach photography session today!

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Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach in Laguna Beach

Are you wondering which beach in Laguna Beach is the best for your senior pictures?

Crescent Bay Beach is located in North Laguna Beach.  With its stunning natural features and unique backdrop possibilities, it is one of the best beaches in Laguna for senior pictures.   Are a senior guy or girl wanting to have a photo shoot with a cool coastal vibe?  Or do you dream of a session at sunset with all the pastel colors and soft lighting.  Either way, Crescent Bay beach is the perfect choice for your senior pics.

Picture of a high school senior photography session at Crescent Bay beach at sunset

So what makes Crescent Bay beach special?

This beach is nestled along the California coastline with an entrance to the beach on both the north and south sides.  Since the beach is situated in a neighborhood, it can be difficult to find.  That is why we consider this spot a hidden gem.  Unfortunately the parking is very limited.  However, it is well worth the trouble of finding parking, because it is typically a tourist free location.

What to Wear to this senior photography session?

This location is the perfect spot for a flowy sundress, casual jeans and a sweater or your college gear.  Because of the variety in backgrounds, you can choose from a wide range of colors for your clothing.   Sunset colors, neutral tones, cool blue tones and cream and white look amazing on this beach.

Let’s explore what makes Crescent Bay Beach a perfect choice for senior photography:

High school senior photo session at the beach in Laguna beach at golden hour

1. The Cliffs and Hillside

This beach is embraced by a breathtaking hillside that provides an exquisite backdrop for your senior portraits. The rolling terrain of this hillside harmonizes with the coastline, adding a touch of elegance to your photos.  There is nothing more beautiful than the view of the cliffs at sunset.  If you are looking for romantic, dreamy lighting, nothing is better than Crescent Bay beach.

Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach featuring a girl at sunset in a white dress.

2. Rocky Wonders and Tide Pools

The diversity of natural elements at Crescent Bay sets it apart. The rocky areas, both at the north and south ends of the beach, offer captivating textures and patterns.  These textures against the ocean make for a dramatic and picturesque settings.

3. Kaleidoscope of Caves

The hillsides that line Crescent Bay beach are filled with unique caves and tunnels. These caves provide a delightful interplay of light and darkness.   Theses caves on the beach make Crescent Bay unique to other coastal locations.

High school senior graduation from Laguna Beach having her portraits taken on the beach in North Laguna

4. Palms and Panache for your professional senior photography at Crescent Beach

The iconic palm trees of Southern California have a special place in our hearts.  Crescent Bay’s palm tree grove is the perfect setting for seniors who want that California vibe in their images.

Senior girl's Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach in Laguna Beach

5. Seal Rock: The Unique Prop

Among Crescent Bay’s unique features, Seal Rock stands out as an offshore wonder that doubles as a captivating background for your senior portraits. The rock’s distinctive shape and its position in the water provide a rugged yet elegant setting for your photos.  A short hike up from the beach is a beautiful park and lookout.  This is the ideal location to end your senior session with a breathtaking view of the beach below.

TCU bound high school graduate gets Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach


As a photography expert, I recommend Crescent Bay for your senior portraits. It blends nature’s beauty with your high school experience, creating unique photos.

For other favorite beach locations, click on the links below:

Tablerock Beach: Click Here

Montage Beach:  Click here

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Bolsa Chica State Beach for your senior portraits

Are you a senior looking for the perfect location to capture your senior year? Look no further, Bolsa Chica State Beach

Capture stunning senior portraits at Bolsa Chica State Beach.  Where pristine sandy shores, dynamic ocean views, and natural landscapes provide diverse backdrops for unforgettable senior photography experience.

Senior portrait session at Bolsa Chica State Beach

A Coastal Paradise for your Senior Portraits

Bolsa Chica State Beach is a hidden gem along the Southern California coast, known for its natural beauty and scenic vistas. It’s the ideal setting for senior portraits that will truly capture the essence of this special time in your life.

Bolsa Chica State Beach, surfer senior photographer

Five reasons to choose Bolsa Chica State beach for your senior pics.

  1. Prestine Sandy Shores: The beach boasts wide stretches of clean, golden sand that provide a timeless backdrop for your senior portraits.

High school senior photography, Bolsa Chica State Beach Photographer

2.  Ocean Magic:  The ever-changing beauty of the ocean adds a dynamic element to your photos. From the gentle lapping of waves to the stunning sunsets over the water, Bolsa Chica offers the magic of the sea as a captivating backdrop.

Senior portrait session at Bolsa Chica State Beach, capturing the graduate's excitement and coastal vibes

3.  Natural Landscapes: Beyond the beach, you’ll find a diverse range of natural landscapes, including coastal dunes, wetlands, and lush vegetation. It has also a great place to park and get a beach in the background.

4.  Add a Vintage VW Bus to your session

Enhance your Bolsa Chica State Beach senior portrait session with a vintage VW bus rental! Our partnership with a specialized rental company makes it easy and budget-friendly to include this iconic vehicle in your photoshoot. Picture yourself by a beautifully restored VW bus, embracing the beach’s natural beauty.

Bolsa Chica State Beach senior photoshoot

Bolsa Chica State Beach is a place where high school seniors can express themselves, have fun, and capture the essence of this time.

So, if you’re a high school senior looking for the perfect spot to capture your senior year memories, consider Bolsa Chica State Beach – where every photo tells a story of sun, sea, and smiles.

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High School Senior Fashion: What to Wear to Your Photoshoot

Celebrate this milestone in style by using these fashion tips and tricks for your high school senior photoshoot.

What to wear to a senior photo shoot at the beach including incorporating your letterman jacket

Fashion plays a crucial role when it comes to preparing for your high school senior photoshoot. By curating your fashion choices, you’ll elevate your photoshoot from ordinary to extraordinary.

I recommend two to three different outfits for your photoshoot, so you have some room for creativity.

Let’s dive into some fabulous fashion tips and tricks that will have you looking and feeling your absolute best as you embark on this exciting new journey:

Dress Like Yourself | High School Senior Fashion

What to wear to a senior session to represent your own person style. Converse sneakers and torn jeans are always a great choice.

It’s important to find your own unique style that reflects your personality and showcases your individuality. Experiment with different trends, colors, and silhouettes to discover what resonates with you. Remember, fashion is all about self-expression!

Beauty in Elegance | High School Senior Fashion

An image of an orange county high school senior portrait at the beach wearing her prom dress. The location is Heisler park in Laguna Beach

Choosing to wear a timeless and elegant dress or suit for your high school senior photoshoot is an excellent way to elevate your look and create stunning, memorable images that will last a lifetime.

Whether it’s a sleek black tuxedo or a chic A-line dress in a neutral shade, classic pieces effortlessly exude grace and refinement. A perfectly fitted dress or suit exudes sophistication and confidence, instantly making you the center of attention in every frame.

Have Fun with Accessories | High School Senior Fashion

An image of what to wear to a senior session including accessories such as a hat and chunky jewelry. Image taken in Laguna Canyon in a field.

Don’t be afraid to add some eye-catching accessories like statement jewelry or a stylish clutch that complements your outfit. From statement belts to fashionable scarves and hats – these small details can truly elevate an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Add Some Fun Props | High School Senior Fashion

What to wear for a senior portrait session in an urban location if you are a musician. Incorporating a instrument in the session makes it stand out.

Capture your unique journey and reflect your high school experience with props that speak to who you are. If you’re a sports enthusiast, include a basketball or volleyball. For the musically inclined, why not pose with your instrument, capturing the harmony of your passion for music?

These props not only add an exciting touch to your photoshoot, but also provide a visual representation of the memories and achievements that have shaped you throughout high school.

Show Your Next Path | High School Senior Fashion

An image answering the questions of what to wear to a senior session on the beach. It is a great idea to incorporate college gear.

When it comes to your high school senior photoshoot, it’s not just about capturing beautiful memories; it’s also an opportunity to showcase your aspirations and the potential that lies within you. One way to do this is by wearing a college sweater or any other representation of your future endeavors.

You can see examples of high school senior photoshoots by clicking here and more fashion tips by clicking here.

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Don’t let Hot Days get in the way of your Summer Family Photos.

There are many options in Sunny SoCal to take advantage of in summer!

Imagine capturing timeless moments of a vibrant family, basking in the warmth of a scorching summer day. These photographs encapsulate the pure joy and infectious laughter as they frolic by the pool or splash around at the beach.

Because if you can’t beat the heat, why not join it?

Here’s some tips and locations on how to make the most of your photo shoot on a hot day:

Summer Family Photos | Family Fun by the Pool

Poolside: There’s nothing quite like spending a delightful summer day with your loved ones by the cool and refreshing pool. If your family spends summers poolside, why not capture you family photos in your element? Plus, the kids will love it. Grab your sunscreen  and prepare for a day filled with laughter, splashes and joy by the poolside oasis.

Consider booking your summer family photos poolside at your home or at a resort.

Summer Family Photos | Summer Beach Day

Beach Day: A memorable and joyful summer day awaits you as you plan a picture-perfect beach outing in the charming coastal town of Laguna Beach. Immerse yourselves in the sound of crashing waves, golden sand between your toes, and the sea breeze kissing your skin. Capture priceless moments in your summer family photos as you bask in the sun, build sandcastles and splash around in the waves.

Strands in Dana point is the perfect spot for your summer family photos on the beach.

Summer Family Photos | A Golden Hour Family Picnic

Picnic: After the sun has settled down, seat your family on a cozy blanket spread out and have a picnic. Imagine your family photos with a sunset and blooming flowers in the background. Bring some snacks for the little ones and imagine adorable photos of melting popsicles in their hands (we’ll save that for last!) and other tasty treats.

Golden hour summer family photos with a perfectly planned picnic and cake smash included in the photography session,

Summer Family Photos | Air Conditioned Bliss

Stay inside: Where does your family escape to when it’s too hot to go outside? Maybe it’s the movie theaters, playing a board game at home or doing some crafts. If you don’t want to face the heat during your summer family photo session, let’s go inside and have some fun instead. Think of eating popcorn while watching a movie together, getting competitive over your favorite game, or getting creative while making a piece of art together.

Your home makes the perfect location for a summer family photo session.

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To learn more, you can watch this video:

Get even more tips and tricks from our family style guide below.