I am so excited to share this gorgeous Orange County newborn photography session. Baby Cruz was born at the end of January. As you probably know (if you red my Austin Blog post), I took January off to explore Austin. Unfortunately, while I was gone, I missed the birth of baby Cruz. Christin (his Mama) and I were hoping that he would wait until I returned, so I could photograph the birth.

Not to worry though, we still managing to schedule a newborn session in her home, in Costa Mesa, for early February. My favorite place to shoot a newborn portrait session is in my client’s home. Let’s face it, birth is stressful. Not to mention sleepless nights, and Mom adjusting to feedings and having a new little person to care for. My suggestion for families with a newborn baby is to just relax and let me and my crew shoot around the clutter. I am an expert at finding the best lighting in a client’s home and I love to shoot newborns as lifestyle photography. By that I mean, just having Mom and Dad, and maybe even siblings, love on the baby while I capture these moments to cherish forever.

I met Christin when she referred me to one of her clients for Branding portraits. Christin owns and runs a personal concierge service called Christin Milan Boutique Concierge Services (click on the link on check her out). Christin is one of those people who you just love immediately because she is so warm and bubbly. And she is absolutely head over heels in love with baby Cruz and her sweet husband Mel. Enjoy the slideshow and some of my favorite images from the session!

Cruz’s newborn video:

If you are interested in booking a newborn session or getting more information about scheduling a session with Blue Sky’s studio, you can call us at 949-510-3862 or email us at kristin@blueskysstudio.com or click on the link below:

Long term relationships are kind of my thing.  I have been with my husband for over 20 years, many of my clients started off with me shooting their wedding, then came back to shoot their pregnancy session, then their newborn session, then babies first year, etc.  I really love to be a part of the growing up process for so many families.  I feel grateful to have the people in my life for not just years, but decades.

That is why I love our baby plan.  One of the most stressful times in a new Mom and Dad’s life is the first year with their baby.  Many days you can barely make it to the shower, let alone get all dressed up and ready for a photography session.  Well, we make it easy for you.  Once you book your pregnancy session, we put the due date on our calendar.  Now, I know that babies are not typically born when they are suppose to be… but we instruct Dad to send us a quick text on the actual day of delivery.  Then Blue Sky’s has you covered from there.  We schedule your newborn session 7-10 days after your babies birth date.  Blue Sky’s provides lots of super cute baby outfits and we can even dress up Mama and provide professional hair and makeup right in our studio.

Six months later, when your beautiful baby is holding up their head and giving out lots of smiles we call you to schedule another session.  The six month session typically take place in our Laguna Beach studio and we have lots of fun clothing and props to make it unique to your family.

All too quickly, the baby turns one.  We call you again to remind you that it is time for another session.  They can walk, sit up, say Mama and love to have their first taste of cake.  We capture all this for you with the whole family in the portraits, or just the baby, it is completely up to you.   This typically takes place on location at a park, the beach, your home or wherever you choose.  Finally we put all of your favorite images together into a beautiful Press Photography album that you will have as a family heirloom forever.  Jessica and Anthony were one of my favorite wedding couples and I was over the moon when Jessica called me to say she was pregnant.  We booked a baby plan for the gorgeous Naomi and had such a blast documenting her first year.  Here is the final album we put together for the family.  Enjoy!  If you are ready to book a baby session or you know someone who is, just send me an email and I will give you all of the info at kristin@blueskysstudio.com.  



I am a storyteller at heart. Maybe that is why I love to get lost in a book or a great movie. I feel like photography has allowed me to tell the story of my clients year after year. When does the story actually begin? I guess that depends on when we begin to work together.

I met many of my clients when working with them on their wedding day. The biggest compliment to me is when those brides and grooms later become family photography clients. I think the family story best begins with a maternity session. To show your child how much you adored them, even before they were born. That is why we put together a Baby Photography plan, so you can get your maternity, newborn, six months and one year sessions in one complete collection. To learn more about these baby plans you can click here: baby plan.  It is easy in the craziness of the first year of your child’s life, to put off a photo session, but believe me, it is so worth it.  They change so fast that first year, from sleeping, to smiling for the first time, lifting their head, to sitting up and finally to taking their first steps.  This time is flies by, but the baby plan keeps you informed and reminds you to book your session and capture all of these moments forever.

Here is a recent newborn session with a beautiful little girl and her new baby brother.  While I did not photograph their wedding, I did photograph her cousin’s wedding (who is also our very talented makeup artist Brittany Norton).  Enjoy!

A few years ago I hired two photographers/ editors to work for me part time.  Both gals were interested in growing their own photography business and wanted to work for me to not only supplement their income, but also to learn how I run my business.  I shared with them that I was one of the minority of photographers who actually did not specialize in a type of portraits.  What I mean is I like all types of portrait photography.  Weddings, high school seniors, kids, fashion, corporate head shots, you name it and if there are people in the image, I love to shoot it.

The one and only thing, I told these two, that I don’t really do much of, is newborn and tiny baby photography.   And no joke, the next 20 or so clients to book with me had babies under one years old.  Hey wait a minute, they both said, I thought you don’t really do baby photography.  And…. I ate my words.  Not only do I “do” baby photography, I really love it.  Typically we shoot a newborn session, a six month session and and one year session (yes, this is my baby plan).  I love getting to know the families and seeing how these babies change over the course of the year.  Most of these families end up clients for life and as a bonus, good friends.

Here is an absolutely beautiful family that just welcomed their baby girl into the world!  Congratulations to the whole Vali family!  I love calling you clients and friends.  Enjoy!

All babies are adorable, but this little guy is beyond adorable.  And it’s no surprise that’s the case when you see how incredibly gorgeous his parents are.  Watch out ladies, a heartbreaker has entered the world.  Enjoy!