Add headshots to your holiday corporate party

Give your corporate holiday party some flair by gifting your fellow employees headshots.

Introducing headshots to your holiday corporate party is a brilliant idea! Not only will it add a touch of flair to the event, but it also presents a unique opportunity to make your employees feel appreciated and valued.

Professional headshot taken on a light grey background at a holiday party.

Here are five ways you can prepare your team for their headshots while making the experience enjoyable:

Communicate in advance | Holiday Corporate Headshots

Inform your employees about the headshot session well ahead of time, emphasizing its significance and benefits. Explain that these professional photos can be used for various purposes, such as LinkedIn profiles or company websites.

professional headshot with a white background

Dress code suggestions | Holiday Corporate Headshots

Encourage everyone to dress professionally or in line with your company’s dress code for the day of the shoot. Provide guidance on suitable attire and accessories that will help them look their best in their headshots.

Professional headshot taken in an alley in San Francisco.

Arrange hair and makeup options | Holiday Corporate Headshots

To make the experience even more enjoyable, consider offering hair styling or makeup services on-site before the photo session begins. This extra touch can boost confidence and ensure everyone feels camera-ready.

Professional makeup graphic

Provide coaching tips | Holiday Corporate Headshots

Offer some simple posing tips beforehand to help employees feel more relaxed during their individual sessions. Share advice on how to stand, where to place hands, maintain good posture, etc., which will result in more natural-looking and confident portraits.

Behind the scenes of a corporate outdoor photoshoot at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Let’s make it fun | Holiday Corporate Headshots

Injecting an element of fun into this activity will make it memorable for everyone involved! Consider setting up a photo booth with props related to your industry or holiday theme so that employees can take additional informal shots together.

Remember, incorporating headshots into your corporate holiday party not only adds value but also shows appreciation for each employee’s contribution within the organization. By taking this extra step, you’re demonstrating that you care about their professional success while creating lasting memories at this joyous occasion.

You can see examples of professional headshots by visiting and

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High School Senior Fashion: What to Wear to Your Photoshoot

Celebrate this milestone in style by using these fashion tips and tricks for your high school senior photoshoot.

What to wear to a senior photo shoot at the beach including incorporating your letterman jacket

Fashion plays a crucial role when it comes to preparing for your high school senior photoshoot. By curating your fashion choices, you’ll elevate your photoshoot from ordinary to extraordinary.

I recommend two to three different outfits for your photoshoot, so you have some room for creativity.

Let’s dive into some fabulous fashion tips and tricks that will have you looking and feeling your absolute best as you embark on this exciting new journey:

Dress Like Yourself | High School Senior Fashion

What to wear to a senior session to represent your own person style. Converse sneakers and torn jeans are always a great choice.

It’s important to find your own unique style that reflects your personality and showcases your individuality. Experiment with different trends, colors, and silhouettes to discover what resonates with you. Remember, fashion is all about self-expression!

Beauty in Elegance | High School Senior Fashion

An image of an orange county high school senior portrait at the beach wearing her prom dress. The location is Heisler park in Laguna Beach

Choosing to wear a timeless and elegant dress or suit for your high school senior photoshoot is an excellent way to elevate your look and create stunning, memorable images that will last a lifetime.

Whether it’s a sleek black tuxedo or a chic A-line dress in a neutral shade, classic pieces effortlessly exude grace and refinement. A perfectly fitted dress or suit exudes sophistication and confidence, instantly making you the center of attention in every frame.

Have Fun with Accessories | High School Senior Fashion

An image of what to wear to a senior session including accessories such as a hat and chunky jewelry. Image taken in Laguna Canyon in a field.

Don’t be afraid to add some eye-catching accessories like statement jewelry or a stylish clutch that complements your outfit. From statement belts to fashionable scarves and hats – these small details can truly elevate an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Add Some Fun Props | High School Senior Fashion

What to wear for a senior portrait session in an urban location if you are a musician. Incorporating a instrument in the session makes it stand out.

Capture your unique journey and reflect your high school experience with props that speak to who you are. If you’re a sports enthusiast, include a basketball or volleyball. For the musically inclined, why not pose with your instrument, capturing the harmony of your passion for music?

These props not only add an exciting touch to your photoshoot, but also provide a visual representation of the memories and achievements that have shaped you throughout high school.

Show Your Next Path | High School Senior Fashion

An image answering the questions of what to wear to a senior session on the beach. It is a great idea to incorporate college gear.

When it comes to your high school senior photoshoot, it’s not just about capturing beautiful memories; it’s also an opportunity to showcase your aspirations and the potential that lies within you. One way to do this is by wearing a college sweater or any other representation of your future endeavors.

You can see examples of high school senior photoshoots by clicking here and more fashion tips by clicking here.

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Bold & Beautiful: What to wear as a female executive.

When it comes to a headshot session as a female executive, choose an outfit that exudes confidence and professionalism.

Image of a C-suite professional woman executive in a bold green fitted blouse. This image represents what to wear to a corporate photography session.

Selecting your attire showcases your unique style while remaining professional. By choosing the right outfit and look, you will undoubtedly capture an image that reflects both your inner strength and outer beauty.

Use these tips as your guideline on how to strike the perfect balance of bringing out your beauty in the corporate world:

Try a Bold or Solid Color | Female Executive Photoshoot

Female executive wearing a bold solid blazer in rasberry pink with statement glasses. This is a perfect example of what to wear female executive to a headshot session.

When it comes to making an impression, there’s nothing quite like donning a tailored suit or a chic dress in a solid color. The choice of color can hold power and speak volumes about your personal style and confidence. Consider selecting colors that complement your skin tone and enhance your natural features.

Add Some Glam | Female Executive Photoshoot 

What to wear for accessories to a female corporate headshot photography session. Understated earrings a a soft color scarf is a great choice for your photography shoot.

It’s important to strike the right balance between being stylish and maintaining an appropriate level of formality for the corporate setting.

Elevate your outfit by incorporating accessories, such as striking statement jewelry or handbag, which can add refinement and individuality to your overall look. You will not only project confidence, but showcase your unique personality that will leave a memorable impact on those around you.

Lean Into Your Femininity | Female Executive Photoshoot

Embrace your feminine side for an executive photo shoot by selecting a barbie pink dress. It is the perfect what to wear outfit for a modern corporate headshot

After indulging in the Barbie movie, there’s no denying the feeling that comes with embracing the color pink. Elevate your confidence to new heights by incorporating a bold and vibrant pink outfit, or add subtle light pink accents to your overall look.

Make heads turn and leave a lasting impression as you confidently conquer any room with your style and unapologetic femininity. Don’t be afraid to embrace the power of pink; it’s time for you to shine like the true boss babe that you are!

Dress For the Job | Female Executive Photoshoot

female executive photoshoot all in black with a black background and outfit. Bold makeup makes this headshot stand out.

Just like in a job interview, it’s important to not only dress appropriately but also to dress with confidence and purpose. The way you present yourself through your attire can make a lasting impression on potential employers or colleagues. Think of your goals and your idols while picking out your selections for your photoshoot.

Get a Makeover | Female Executive Photoshoot

Executive woman with a bold makeup look with an emphasis on red lipstick. This is a clean, modern look for a headshot photography session.

Enhance your natural beauty during your headshot photography session by hiring a professional makeup and hair artist. They can create a neutral look that will bring out your features and give you a polished appearance.

You can confidently exude confidence and radiate charm in front of the camera, making for remarkable headshots that capture your best self.

You can see examples of professional headshots by visiting and

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model-for-day-favoritesOne of our most popular photography promotions is our Model for a Day sessions. Every year we offer this wonderful photography package that’s perfect for treating yourself or someone special. Over the years, we’ve had so many wonderful shoots and we’ve featured a few of them here on the blog. Here are some of my favorites. Be sure to click through to see the beautiful photos.

First up is stunning Abby!

Abby’s Makeover and Headshots

One of my greatest joys is showing people how amazing they can look in a photograph, especially women.  In fact, I really love working with gals of all ages.  From the preteen that is just learning how to wear makeup and do their hair to helping create a fresh new look for Moms, I just really love making people feel beautiful. View the entire post, with all of the photos.

Dancing Beauty Headshots

We had so much fun at this session working with my longtime clients—the Hulley family—to perfect their daughter’s headshots.

Orange County Modeling Headshots: Teagan and Jade

I cannot believe this session is from all the way back in 2012. It seems like just yesterday, and these beauties look as fresh and gorgeous as ever. View the entire post and the headshots.

Professional Model-type Headshots

Meet my friend Lori.  As it goes with most stories, her passion for nutrition (especially for kids) was the result of a scare in her own life.  Lori is a beautiful, fit, energetic gal with a wonderful, loving energy.  She was working lots of hours and raising her four boys.  Out of nowhere, Lori had a stroke.   She is not what you would picture in your head as a person at risk for any type of health scare, but it happened.  Lori was inspired to change her life, to be there for her family. And Lori knew that the key was good nutrition and that it needed to begin in childhood.  So Lori created the website and blog called  There she provides great recipes, life stories that include her four amazing boys and lots of inspiration. She is also now a holistic health coach to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Lori and I got together to do a fun photography session to celebrate her!  Here are just a few of my favorite images from the day. View the whole post and her healthy beautiful headshots.

Modeling Headshots Styled Session

In 2016, we decided to do a fun, collaboration styled session with Breathe Autumn Rain jewelry, with makeup by Brittany Norton (brittanynortonartistry) and myself all contributing to a photography session.

We were extremely lucky to get several beautiful girls to volunteer their time to model for us in exchange for providing professional headshots for them.  We all consulted together on wardrobe, overall style and also how to best give everyone involved an opportunity to do something a little different and creative. View the entire post and the modeling photos.

I hope you enjoyed this little flashback to some of my favorite model shoots.

Have you ever worried about having the right clothes, makeup, or hair for your photo session?

Or maybe you’ve worried about how you’d look with those few extra pounds you gained recently?

I can relate! But I want you to know a few behind-the-scenes things that just might change everything for you (really)
If you’ve had portraits done with us before you likely know just how far we go to make sure you are thrilled with the results. But if you haven’t, or maybe if it’s been a while, I want to share a little story with you.
Last week you may have seen that I posted a new senior shot on my Instagram. This beautiful high school senior was nervous about her session.
professional styling for your photos
She’d never had a photo shoot like this before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Just after she arrived at our studio, one of our makeup artists went to work, while her mother and I popped in from time to time to weigh in on lip color or hair style. We had fun talking and joking and by the time she was done we could see a visible difference in her demeanor and confidence. When it was time to start the shoot she posed like a pro.
 high school senior photography instagram
This experience reminded me why I do what I do. I am so grateful to be able to help people look their best and feel their best in front of the camera. It also made me realize that maybe because I’m so in the moment I don’t always tell people ahead of time just how much care we pour into our photography sessions.
Every time we do a session we employ not only high-end lighting, cameras and backgrounds/settings but we invest in professional styling (for what you wear), makeup artists and even hairstyling.

Why do we do this?

Because we don’t want you to just be happy with your photos. We want you to be thrilled. Blue Sky’s Studio is not your typical photography studio and we don’t base our values on dollar signs. We base our success on how we affect the lives of our clients.
Before your shoot, if you want help with deciding on what to wear–even for your whole family, one of our stylists will work with you a few days before to help you select items not only from your own wardrobe, but from our freshly cleaned items from style library as well. Whether it’s accessories or even a dress, chances are we have what it takes to make you look and feel your best on photo day.
When you arrive at our studio we have fresh, cold beverages ready. A makeup artist and hairstylist will be there ready to give you the look you want.
And once they’re done, we’ll head to your first shooting location.
During your session, I’ll help you pose in ways that highlight your best features (and hide any you’re not so fond of). My assistant will make sure the lighting is perfect and your hair and clothing is in place.
After your session, my team and I go to the next level and retouch, adjust lighting, remove blemishes, smooth clothing wrinkles, etc.–we can even shave off a few of those pesky extra pounds ;)–so when your picture review day comes, you will be blown away by how great you and your family look. I don’t want to reveal too much, but we also have a few wonderful surprises when during your review session at our studio.
I hope this little behind-the-scenes look at what we do gives you the peace of mind and confidence to get those family photos done so that you capture all of the precious milestones of your life.
 Orange County photographer Kristin Karkoska