People often ask me, “what do you do”?  My standard response is that I am a portrait photographer.  That typically leads to what kind of photographer are you?  Do you photograph weddings, or families or something along those lines.  I tell them,  while my passion is definitely kids and their families, I love photographing all people.  Take the beautiful Brittany for example.  We met many years ago when she hired me to shoot her wedding.  The great thing about Andy and Brittany’s wedding, was that I had a lot of advance notice.  We spent time planning out a fun engagement session (still one of my all time favorites) and then by the time the wedding rolled around, we were old friends.  

You may think the actual wedding was the end of this story, but we continued to keep in touch.  I told her if she ever got pregnant, I would love to gift her a maternity session.  Soon I got the call that Brittany and Andy were expecting their first baby and Brittany wanted to incorporate vintage airplanes into a photography session. The best part was that she scouted the location, got the permits to me and got the session all set up.  

That brings me to today.  Brittany became a makeup artist and has been working with Blue Sky’s for over a year providing beautiful “Model for A Day” sessions, wedding makeup and makeup for my family clients.  Her sweet, warm personality is a perfect addition to our Blue Sky’s staff family.  And as many of you already know, she is expecting baby number two and I am so fortunate to get to photograph this beauty once again.  

For this session we decided to create images of her alone that were more glamorous, but we didn’t forget to include the boys as well!  Here is the sneak peak at the session.  Enjoy!

One of my favorite things about photographing people is creating life time relationships with each family or bride and groom that I photograph.  Over the years we share funny stories, and I get to witness their personal stories unfold.  In a small way, I feel like I am a part of their family.  And lucky for me, my family keeps growing.

That is why I was over the moon thrilled to get the call from Jessica and Anthony that they were finally expecting their first child.  I knew how much they wanted to bring a child into this world, and it was worth the wait.  Jessica showed up at my studio and put herself into Deseree’s capable hands.  Because we knew each other so well from her wedding day, Jessica said I trust whatever you two put together and I know the portraits will be beautiful.  As I told Anthony, you get to be the loving prop.. and he did not disappoint.

Since the gender of their baby is going to be a big surprise, we just decide to go really natural and beautiful with the color scheme.  I can’t wait to meet baby Lee in just a few weeks.  Big hugs to both of these wonderful people!  Enjoy!

Nothing better in my world than getting to know a beautiful couple during their wedding planning, becoming friends on the wedding day and photographing their first baby on the way!  Really guys, I want to stick with you for life!  When there are vintage airplanes involved…even better.

Since the nursery has an airplane theme, Brittney was on the hunt for a perfect location for our maternity session.  She did all the scouting, made sure I took care of the permit and basically made it so easy for me, I am ready to hire her! :)   The fact that she is beautiful, and Andrew is pretty great, made it that much easier to capture these stunning images!  Just a sneak preview!

Living in sunny So Cal we rarely get what can be classified as “Weather”!   But every once in a while, we are lucky enough to get some WILD hail, rain, lightning, snow…. whatever!  On our last big “Weather” day, I was lucky enough to have a session booked for beautiful Sarah in her home. (btw… my new obsession is, “in home”, editorial style photography.  I love how my client’s homes help tell the story of their family.)

Sarah’s story begins with being married nearly 10 years!  So what a life changer to have a new baby boy on the way!  His nursery is so darn cute, I thought it had to be the star of a least a large part of the photography session!  But because Sarah was game, we started in the hills surrounding her home.  The backdrop was stormy rain clouds, but with sun shining!  So crazy.

Fortunately, we got some amazing shots outside and quickly headed back into her house.  As soon as we got settled in her bedroom, the hail started.   Seriously, in Southern California… so strange, but beautiful as well.

I am excited to continue Sarah’s story when the baby arrives.  Thanks so much Sarah and ENJOY!