Ticatch Family Session at Santa Ana Art District

Brothers having fun during a family portrait session in downtown town Santa Ana Art District

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the Ticatch family in the vibrant Santa Ana Art District known for its rich history and colorful street art, Santa Ana offers a unique backdrop for any Blue Sky’s Studio family photoshoot.

Santa Ana District The Perfect Backdrop Setting 

Santa Ana is a fantastic location for family photoshoots, especially for families with energetic boys. The district is filled with beautiful art murals, parks, and plenty of open space for kids to explore and have fun.

Family portrait session in downtown Santa Ana with grafitti in the background and their white husky including in the portrait.

The art murals here are particularly stunning, adding a burst of color and creativity to each shot. From abstract designs to detailed portraits, each mural tells a story, making them the perfect backdrop for capturing family memories.

Mom and Dad portraits in Santa Ana Art District on a roof top

One of the standout murals we used during the Ticatch family shoot was the vibrant “Heart of Santa Ana” mural. This piece features a bold, multicolored heart surrounded by intricate patterns, symbolizing the love and diversity of the community. It provided a beautiful contrast to the family’s black outfits, making them pop against the lively background.

Family portraits gathered around their white husky leaning on an art mural in downtown Santa Ana.

During our shoot, the Ticatch boys were particularly drawn to the interactive elements of the murals and the freedom to roam and have fun. This environment not only made for great photos but also created a memorable experience for the entire family.

Ticatch Family Matching Outfits

Two brother getting their portrait taken in the brick alley ways in Orange County CA

This family chose to wear casual, coordinated outfits in black, which worked wonderfully against the vivid murals of Santa Ana. Their simple sneakers added to the casual, comfortable feel of the shoot, allowing them to move freely and enjoy the experience. This choice of attire ensured that their personalities shone through, without any distractions.

10 year old boy portrait in downtown Santa Ana art district.

Perfect Timing 

We started our session at 9 am, a perfect time for a photoshoot. The morning light was soft and flattering, creating a warm glow that enhanced the colors of the murals and the natural expressions of the family. The early hour also meant that we had the district mostly to ourselves, allowing for uninterrupted shots and spontaneous moments.

Individual portrait of an 8 year old boy in Santa Ana art district amongst the graffiti walls.

If you’re looking to create lasting memories with your family, consider an early morning session. The results are truly magical. Contact Blue Sky’s Studio to book your family session and let us help you capture the joy and beauty of your family’s special moments.

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Orange County Urban Family photo in a doorway with bright colored graffiti.

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