Baby Sasha- San Juan Capistrano

I am in LOVE.  In love with this beautiful puppy!  Some of you may know that Bob and I had a Chowchow/ Husky mix for 17 years.  Yes, she is the dog that always roamed the neighborhood!  Anyway, she died last year and we got a crazy new rescue puppy, Leila!  While I adore Leila, I still have a passion for husky puppies.  So…. when I got the call that our sweet client got a new puppy and here name is Sasha AND she is a husky, I was so in!  This was an awesome session with her great boys and he new girl!  Despite the rain, we got some great shots and I just can’t stop looking at this beautiful puppy!  I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!