Don’t you just love 2 year olds?  Sometimes they are incredibly hard to photograph, especially for a family portrait, but they are so dang cute, that they make up for their “toughness”.  This shoot was no exception.  But, finally, we got this guy talking about Cars, you know, the movie.  He really loves Lighting McQueen and even though I never saw the movie, I worked it!   Also, his big sister was amazing!  She really got her little brother going!  More great images to come!  Enjoy!

Aimee and Tom are a CRAZY, FUN couple and I just LOVED this session.  Aside from the fact that I now have about 10 names for each of them, I managed to remember their real names long enough to direct them down to the beach.  From there it was any name goes and we just kept making up new ones.  You can see how much they love each other and it really shines through in all of their images.  I am so excited to photograph their wedding next month!  I hope I keep their names straight long enough to get through the ceremony.  Enjoy!

Bring on the boys!  I just love to photograph “guys”!  These three were so sweet together and the lighting at the beach was beautiful and soft.  The middle little guy LOVE super heros, so if his hands appear blurry in any photos it is because he was showing Anna and I how to shoot spiderwebs out of your wrists and how to stop bad guys!  His older brother was an awesome helper and the baby was really attached to him.   I thought the baby did a great job walking down the beach considering he hasn’t been walking for long at all!  Enjoy!

Wow, I am really behind on blogging!  One of my favorite families visits every year and gets their family portrait taken.  Their kiddos are gorgeous, but really tough to get to sit still.  Sooooo, in Blue Sky’s style, we just chase them around with the camera and let them do their thing.  I sure hope Mom and Dad had an extra set of clothes in the car, cause we got really wet!  Enjoy!

There is nothing more fun for me that capturing my good friends in beautiful portraits!  We have been trying to get this on the schedule for so long, and I am just thrilled we finally got together to do a shoot.  These three gals are not only beautiful on the outside, but they are also awesome individuals on the inside!   We had such a great time last week and I know they had more than one admirer on the beach.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!