2014 has been a year of creative growth for me up to this point.  While I adore working with families, kiddos, wedding parties, event and corporations, sometimes a gal just needs to do a personal project.  In June of this year, I made the commitment to myself that I would do one project every 6-8 weeks just for me.  To have fun, explore a subject, work with a beautiful model, expand my portfolio and so on.

As is usually the case when I get an idea, a name immediately popped into my head, Denyse!  My friend Denyse Angus is an amazing stylist and has some seriously stunning kids.  While she has primarily done styling for friends and family (including me for a family session several years ago), she is as gifted and talented as any professional I have ever worked with.  I shared with her my vision for my first several styled ideas and she set right to work.  Initially we were just going to do it with one model and focus solely on being creative and then, boom, another friend popped into my mind….Deseree Burjakowsky and amazing jewelry designer.  I called her up and asked if we could borrow some of her jewelry for the session.   Please go to her Facebook site and like Autumn Rain Designs!  It is truly stunning. Also, Denyse suggested we use her son Dustin in the background and my story came to life.

Here are my favorite images from the session.  I am also doing a couple of art pieces, that will take some time to create, but I will share with you in the future.  I want to give a big shout out Thank you to not only Denyse & Deseree… but to my beautiful model Ava, the handsome Dustin and to Jeff, Eden and Madison for helping me put this all together and dragging props down to the beach at 5:30 am!  Enjoy!


The light has been absolutely gorgeous for the last few weeks throughout Orange County. If I am not shooting, I am thinking about how I need to be shooting to take advantage of the beautiful light.  My season has been filled with lots of commercial sessions, weddings and corporate photography.  I have been missing all of my fabulous family clients.

So when Melody called me to say she was ready for her 2014 family photography session, I was over the moon.  Especially when she said, let’s do something different!   I spent a lot of time with the Barclay family last year talking about my love for Texas… or more specifically Austin.  I also spent quite a bit of time talking with Scott’s Mom, who happens to live in Austin.  So, I thought, how about a Western inspired session.   I ran the idea by Melody and we started to brainstorm.  Meanwhile, I spent a week in Austin and got reinspired!

After checking out Pinterest and searching for western inspired sessions, Melody suggested we go with a Boho Western theme.   Totally my style, so I let her know I was totally in!

Fortunately Melody has incredible taste and completely styled our session!  I am so in love with all of their images, I don’t know how they will choose.  Here is their preview!  Enjoy!

Check out the whole slideshow!


It started over lunch with one of my clients.  He asked, “hey Kristin, you know a lot of people…. what is the best way to start developing relationships in Laguna Beach?”. My answer, “get involved in the community”.   Laguna Beach loves to support people who support the schools, support the arts and get involved in local charities.  I suggested that he host an art show in his new music studio in downtown Laguna.  He said, “great, we will make you our first artist”.

Fast forward six months and I am putting the finishing touches on twelve original art pieces.  I used local students as my models and in celebration on Earth Day, named my exhibit “Elements of Love”.  Over the next few months, I will share each individual art piece and what my inspiration was behind creating them.  Let me tell you, this wasn’t easy.  It was scary and I felt vulnerable diving in to a new area of photography, but I am so glad I had the experience and so thankful to Nicholas Yrizarry’s Wealth Management Group for hosting the art show at Laguna Beach Art Museum.   I also want to give a big shout out to Sriti Fusillo for helping all along the way and Laura Foster and Brittany Norton for hair and makeup.  And a very special thanks to all of my handsome and beautiful models.  I absolutely loved working with every one of you.  Enjoy!

I am constantly finding inspiration for my photography work. Whether it be a beautiful sky, an old weathered car, a lone tree, an beautifully lite movie, a fashion magazine, MTV/ VH1, or my kids… inspiration seems to be everywhere.

Some of my favorite blog that help stretch my creative muscle are:

The Dreamer Journal: http://dreamerjournal.com/
Reverie Mine: http://reveriemine.com/
Evoking You: http://www.evokingyou.com/

For print images:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE : Vogue Bambini

I am also a daily browser on pinterest and flickr

And as my regulars know, I always set aside time in January and February to put together creative sessions. We spend a little more time with creating a story for the session, and then providing the atmosphere, location, props and clothing that help tell that story. I have two different objectives this season.

One, I will be doing 8-10 fine art pieces with high school seniors for an art show on Earth Day in the Laguna Beach Art Museum. If you have kids interested in being models or helping with the project, please e-mail me at kristin@blueskysstudio.com to let me know.

The second objective will be 5 family styled sessions. These will be video taped as well as photographed to use in my promotional material. This is a excellent opportunity for a family to get a whole lot of fabulous images that really capture the essence of their family in a relaxed environment. Of course, I will provide lots of help on clothing and accessories. These are typically my most popular sessions of the year. If you are interested, please e-mail me at kristin@blueskysstudio.com. This will be limited to 5 families and I will send a detailed e-mail out next week.

I can’t wait to share these sessions with you throughout 2014.

And now, I can’t believe how quick they grow! This is my daughter over the weekend going to her first formal party (heels and all). The one next to it is only 2 1/2 short years ago. They change so quickly! :)