Most of you know Anna, Blue Sky’s other full time photographer!  I have been after her for a year to let me take some portraits of her to show off on the website!  Well she finally said yes, and I think she looks stunning in every shot.  Thanks Anna for being an awesome person inside and out!  Enjoy.

My beautiful friend Lori called me to tell me she had been asked to model for a CD cover and was going to be all dolled up.  That and the fact that she just changed her hair color from platinum blond to beautiful red was reason enough for me to do a photo session.  I just love these images.  She is such a natural in front of the camera and her fun, quirky personality really shines through.  I think every woman should have an opportunity to get her makeup done and have a photo session.  It really helps to appreciate how beautiful we are at any age.  Thank you so much Lori for coming over to play with me!

I haven’t seen this beautiful girl in ages.  I totally expected a six year old to come out of the car.  Little did I know that the beautiful young lady that got out of the car was the same little girl I remembered.  She is just a natural beauty with those big eyes and legs that go on forever.  Here are just a few of my favorites!  More to come.  Thanks so much for coming out to play with me!  I wish you all the success and, oh yeah, Break a Leg!

My great friend Staci called me up to say that her daughter was getting her braces off and ready to capture her new smile!  I always want to try something different, so I suggested that we go to my new favorite urban spot!  She packed up the car with several “crazy cute” outfits and met me bright and early in the morning.    I think her daughter is stunning!  Enjoy!

You may remember this lovely little girls sister from a few months ago.  Well both of them were signed by JetSet Modeling and I was lucky enough to do a second round of portraits for this big sister!  She was such a cutie, but definitely a moving target to photograph!  We had a great time trying on hats together and picking flowers.   Enjoy!