Every once in a while I have a new born shoot that is just so yummy and fuss free I think “all I wanna do it work with babies”!  Of course, I love faces of all ages, but something about a fresh, sweet baby just gets to me.  Little Dominic was just a pure joy to photograph.  I just purchased these cutie little hats and was so excited to get a chance to photograph a new baby boy.  He was perfect and modeled every single new hat without missing a beat (okay, he did pee on me, but what can you expect from a naked new boy???)!   Enjoy!!!!!

There is nothing cozier than shooting newborn babies in their own home environment!  Especially when the home is as “yummy” as this gorgeous one!  Do you think Mama would notice if Anna and I snuck and and borrowed that unbelievable trunk every once in a while?  Big brother was an expert at snuggling his new brother.  Thanks for opening your home to Anna and me!

It has been a while since I have photographed these beautiful girls, and it was my honor to help them welcome their new baby brother to the family!  When their Mom called me to say she had a brand new baby boy, I was just thrilled for her.  She said he was born early, but she wanted to make sure she captured him while he still looked like a newborn.  Well…..he sure doesn’t look like a premi!  He is just perfect and what a beautiful little guy.  Each sister was so sweet with him, as was Mommy and Grandma!   Some days you are just luck…. I think we even captured him smiling.  What a wonderful life he has ahead of him!  He should definitely grow up to be an expert with the ladies cause he will get lots of practice with three beautiful sisters!  Enjoy!

I really like to capture several generations of a family and the Reichard’s did not disappoint!  Their parents/ grandparents are in town and they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity by taking portraits in the park.  Even though there was some “harassing” of the photographer (LOL), I had a great time playing with the entire family.   I can’t believe how much the newest member of the family looks like my son when he was a baby.  Maybe we are long lost family members?????  Anyway, enjoy the photos and wave to Grandpa for me!

I always love photographing in our client’s homes.  It gives me an opportunity to see you in your “real” life.  These two baby boys are so fortunate to have a Mommy and Daddy who shower them with tons of love!  If you have ever had us photograph your new baby, you know that it can be stressful because there is often tears and lots of breaks.  Believe me when I say, it is stressful for you, but not for us.  We expect a few tears and lots of “milk” breaks, especially when there are two babies!  The most important part of the shoot, is the end result and I think these two beautiful boys delivered!  Enjoy!