Weddings, families, seniors, oh my……. this has been a really fun, crazy, exciting couple of weeks.  I had such a great time with Jordan down at Victoria beach.  It is always great when a guy is up for anything and Jordan fit the bill.  He got a little lost, and was having car trouble, but managed to have a great attitude!  I guess any day on the beach is a good day.  Not only did we get some great images, but we hired Jordan to help as an assistant during our busy holiday season.  I am sure you will see lots of him down on the beach with Anna or myself!  Enjoy!

I am so inspired by fashion photography!  That is why I love shooting high school seniors.  It is so fun to create portraits that look like they came straight off the pages of Elle Magazine!  This beautiful girl could model, which is even better.  I have photographed her brother a few times, and he is a character, but this is the first time I met her!  We had so much fun in Laguna Beach and the day was perfect.  Anna and I just could not stop shooting!  Even on our way to the car, we found more great spots that we just HAD to use in the session.  My favorite images are in the water.  She was such a great sport.  Enjoy!

I am such a sucker for anything with a vintage feel, and Noel and Charlene’s engagement shoot definitely had that vibe!  Noel is the uncle of my son’s best friend and it is so funny how they have a really similar personality.  In the beginning of our shoot, everything was kind of sweet and romantic, but by the time we got down to the beach, we were all cracking up!  These two make such a beautiful couple and I am really thrilled with their portraits!  Enjoy!

The best part of being a photographer is getting to meet so many different people with their own personal style.  I was so excited to photograph Alex.  His Mom told me that he is into vintage clothing and is a musician.  I said, load up the car with lots of different outfits and we will just see what inspires us at the shoot.   Alex definitely delivered!  I love his funky clothing and unique style.  He told me about the “pile” and Anna and I are itching to check it out.  Enjoy!

Some time this week most of you will receive our new newsletter, with the same name as our blog, ClickingwithKristin.  In it, you will find that we are in search of 10 gals and 10 guys to create our new High School Senior photography program.  Each of them will receive a free styled photography session, 10 free touched up images to use on Facebook or other social networking sites and 25 announcement cards.  Britney and Andrew were our first shoot.  I LOVE all these images, mostly because both of these people are simply gorgeous, but also because I shot it in the AntiMall/ The Lab… which is an amazing location in itself.    I really think senior photography is much more fun when people come in groups, either boyfriend/ girlfriend or a group of kids.  If any of you are interested in participating, please e-mail us at  This will be first come, first served and I am sure the spots will fill up fast!  Thanks Britney and Andrew for being such great models!