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Downtown Laguna Beach: High School Senior Session

Laguna Beach photography

The challenge with photographing lots of families, year after year, is always producing a unique, inspired and storytelling group of images that represent “your” family at this stage in your life.  So many of the wonderful families we photograph at Blue Sky’s Studio want to document their lives each year (I do this too).   As we are getting ready to send our oldest out into the world, I absolutely cherish the albums we have put together from our family photography sessions each year of our kids lives.  

One of the best ways I know to produce unique images, is to choose a different location in Orange County, each year, to have your family photographed.

Recently, I went through  loads of sessions and put together an album of all of my favorite locations, so Blue Sky’s clients would have the opportunity to page through lots of sessions and get inspired.  You can check it out by clicking here.  Each year, I try to add additional locations to my repertoire, which gets more difficult as you can imagine!  The fact is, we are truly blessed to have a studio in Laguna Canyon.  Not only is the studio a spectacular place to have your portraits taken as the lighting is heavenly, but it is also surrounded but fields, urban areas and very close to the beach.  Seriously, in one session, you can have Urban, Coastal and studio images!  Pretty cool if you ask me!  

Here is a highlight of one of the areas in my own backyard (our family moved to downtown Laguna Beach this year and I can walk out my door and be in any of these spots within minutes).  This location features the beautiful Victoria Blakemore, who will be attending the prestigious Parson’s School of Design in New York!

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