Fun Summer Makeup Trends

Summer is the season for fun outside. Whether you’re going to a backyard barbecue, a concert in the park, or a yacht soiree, you want to look your best. So here are this year’s fun summer makeup trends for 2018.

Ice Cream Cool


Remember when you were a kid sucking on a cherry red Popsicle and your lips would turn a glorious blurred-edge red? Well, you can reproduce that look in a bit more adult style by dabbing lip stain on your lips, concentrating more in the center of your lips and working your way out.

Even if you cover your entire lips with lip stain, it’s a great way to keep smudge-proof color while you’re at the beach or posing for your summer family photos. ;)


Holographic Eyeliner & Lip Gloss

You read that right, holographic looks for summer! If it’s time to make a bold, playful statement, holographic eyeliner just might be your go-to tool this season.

Check out these stunning holographic eyeliner stickers from

Or add dimension to your lips with holographic lip gloss like this one from Tarte.



Bronzer has been in for a while, and by the looks of it, it will be for a while.

Liquid or cream bronzer is a great no-run choice for those hot summer days. Give your skin that fresh summer glow—without those pesky UV rays. By applying the bronzer on forehead, nose and cheekbones (where you’d get more sun naturally) you’ll create a more natural sun kissed look.

Natural Look

Maybe we’re getting sick of the highly curated contouring a la Kardashians, but more natural looking makeup is also on trend this season. Of course a little bronzer goes a long way, but you can also do more natural tones of eye-shadow and eyeliner, light on the blush and a nude lip gloss.

The blonde is one of our stunning clients in a flawless natural makeup look.

Need more inspiration? Just take a look at these beauties at

natural makeup
Blue Sky's Studio

Bold Lips

It’s all over the internet, but whether it’s a robust red, petal pink, or even a pop of purple, emphasizing bold lip color is very popular this summer. By keeping the lips the main affair you can get by with maybe a light application of illuminating primer, or a dusting of bronzer, a neutral toned eye-shadow and still have a stunning look.

Here’s a quick video on how to achieve this look: