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My first thought on arriving at the Surf and Sand to photograph Kirk, his family and his groom’s men, was…. who is using those amazing cars for their wedding.  Lucky me!  It was Kirk and Kristen.   Although the skies were overcast, it was a beautiful, warm day.  Perfect for an outdoor wedding at Laguna Village, An All Inclusive Event!  We made our way down to the bridal suite to find Kristen and her gals, a little nervous but so excited.  Let me just say this.. her wedding dress was spectacular!  I know she worked really hard dieting and exercising before her big day to look breathtaking in her wedding dress, and all I can say is Mission Accomplished.   The ceremony was so lovely and sweet.  You can see, and feel, from the ceremony photography how much these two really love each other.   Kristen was such a good sport to follow me down to the beach (even though in her words she is NOT a nature person).  I know it was worth it!  Enjoy some of the highlights from their wedding day!

To view more images, enjoy Kristen and Kirk’s Highlight video!