Some people you just meet them one time and you know you have a connection. Somehow you feel that they are a member of your same tribe. You chat, and laugh, and feel like you have know each other forever. That is how I felt when I sat down with Pete and Jessika to talk about their upcoming wedding at Red Horse Barn in Huntington Beach. They are really low key, and clearly very much in love. As we got to know each other, somehow Chico State came up in the conversation. The weird thing is that we are all alumni. The other weird thing… they are the third wedding in one calendar year where either the bride or the groom was a fellow Chico alumni…. and that just makes things really fun! Fast forward to the day of their engagement session. Since they are having a rustic/ romantic wedding, we decided that the rusty vintage truck at my studio was the perfect starting point. We proceeded to the “love” tree, then on to the open field (“be careful to shuffle your feet to ward off snakes”) and finally to a very blustery beach finale for romantic sunset. I am so excited for their wedding day! Enjoy. engagement photography_0012engagement photography_0013engagement photography_0014engagement photography_0015engagement photography_0016engagement photography_0017engagement photography_0018engagement photography_0019engagement photography_0020engagement photography_0021engagement photography_0022engagement photography_0023engagement photography_0024engagement photography_0025

Watch more on the their highlight slideshow: 

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