Laguna Beach Family Photography: Degarmo family Session

The thing about doing most of my sessions on location is…. you never know what will happen.  Wind, rain, HEAT all can throw a wrench in an otherwise easy session.  That is why I carry lots of tools to deal with the elements!  Off camera lights to combate too bright sunlight, scrims to create artifical shade and reflectors to really make eyes pop are just some of the tool I use to ensure you get the best images under any circumstances.  Lucky for me, San Juan Capistrano has lots of big trees and funky structures, the only way to block wind.  Despite the elements, we still managed to capture some beautfiul family images of the Degarmo family a few weeks back.  Alex, their daughter, was one of the first gals to have a birthday party at Blue Sky’s Studio and look at her now…beautiful and all grown up in college.  Enjoy~