I love photographing people in their own personal space.  Families just seem more comfortable when they are under their own roof.  This family just recently moved to Laguna Beach and I am fortunate to call them friends.  Last year at the School Power Gala, they purchased a gift certificate for Blue Sky’s Studio.  Initially we were planning to head straight down to the beach, but upon chatting with the family, we decided to start the session in their beautiful new home.  Four kids is usually quite a challenge to photograph, but these guys were fabulous to work with (even if I had trouble getting the 12 year old to smile.  I love his GQ/ attitude look anyway).  Their oldest brother isn’t really a kid!  He was an awesome help and you can tell his younger siblings just adore him.  Thank you for trusting me with your first photo session as full time residence of Laguna Beach!  Enjoy!

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