Laguna Beach Event photography

One of the best parts of being a Laguna Beach Photographer is being a part of the community.  And one of my favorite charities is Laguna Beach is SchoolPower education foundation.  SchoolPower is a volunteer-based organization whose mission it is to raise money to enrich the educational experience of students in Laguna Beach.  I have been volunteering my time with SchoolPower for more than 7 years.

Laguna Beach Lumberyard event photography

The Chef Challenge a three course meal is sponsored by the Lumberyard restaurant.  There are two menus, each selected by two of the four principals in the Laguna Beach School District.  The Middle School and High School Principals Allemann/Salberg vs the Elementary School Principals, Conlon/Duddy.

Chef Challenge Winner at Lumberyard Laguna Beach

And this year’s coveted Golden Spatula award goes to… Principals Conlon and Duddy for their delicious menu.

Lumberyard event with School power photography
Winning menu from Laguna Beach school fundraiser

Thanks to all of the volunteers who made this another amazing evening.  I am so grateful that Blue Sky’s Studio has the opportunity to document these events that make the Laguna Beach School district so amazing!

Winners of the Chef Challenge at Lumberyard in Laguna Beach

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