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Some of our friends think we are a little crazy in the Karkoska home with healthy eating.  Lots of green smoothies, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains with little to no refined flour and sugar for our kids.  Of course we do eat sweets once in a while, but it just isn’t a daily practice.  How did this happen that are teenagers eat this way and don’t complain????  It has definitely been a long term process, but how we accomplished it was primarily by teaching our kids that good nutrition results in better athletes, students and happier people all around.

Meet my friend Lori.  As it goes with most stories, her passion for nutrition (especially for kids) was the result of a scare in her own life.  Lori is a beautiful, fit, energetic gal with a wonderful, loving energy.  She was working lots of hours and raising her four boys.  Out of nowhere, Lori had a stroke.   She is not what you would picture in your head as a person at risk for any type of health scare, but it happened.  Lori was inspired to change her life, to be there for her family. And Lori knew that the key was good nutrition and that it needed to begin in childhood.  So Lori created the website and blog called  There she provides great recipes, life stories that include her four amazing boys and lots of inspiration. She is also now a holistic health coach to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Lori and I got together to do a fun photography session to celebrate her!  Here are just a few of my favorite images from the day.