Rush, rush, rush seems to be my Summer motto!  However, I wasn’t too rushed this summer to get my babies (hardly babies anymore) into a styled shoot.  But, because well, I am ME, I had to combine the shoot with a really fun styled session.  This was primarily for Fairytales, with some Kaiya Eve included in the mix!  Not to mention, my daughter’s friend Bryce (his mom is my friend too) and his drop dead sister Lydia joined in the fun and two other gorgeous children, you know who your are, made this a fantastic 90 minutes.  I wish I had 4 hours, but next time I will plan better (yeah I know, I always say that)!  Enjoy, I am off to photograph the qualifiers for the Pan Pacific Games.   Michael Phelps, here I come.  I will post these images next week.  All of the Saks Fifth Avenue model search photographs should be posted by tomorrow!

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