Mother Daughter Makeover Month

We have been busy putting together our brand new product line. Blue Sky’s Studio is going back to our roots (for all of those people who remember me dressed up as a Princess… not that far), to offer fully stylized photography sessions. That includes professional hair styling and makeup application, use of our photography wardrobe or our assistance putting together looks from your closet and a fully directed photography shoot. We will take the top 20 images from the session and fully edit those images, adding our artistic touch and have those images printed and matted using a fine art finish. We then, invite you back to our studio for a reveal of the top images as well as a slideshow and a review session on our large screen to help you select the best art products for you home. To get a little taste of what these sessions look like, here is a Mother Daughter makeover session with my good friend Denise and her beautiful daughter Lydia. We also invited her son to the very end of the session so the whole family got involved. The best part is that she has beautiful images of herself along with her kids. As a mom, we so often find ourselves behind the camera, it is nice to have a pamper day and have beautiful images not only of our kids, but also of us! Enjoy!