Newport Beach Wedding

I am so thrilled that Vintage is all the rage in weddings.  It is my favorite.  I arrived at the Newport Hyatt to see Silvia getting the last touch of makeup applied.  She look stunning, and the hairpiece made the entire look.  She had her makeup done by Lauren at Glow by Lauren (click on the link to visit her site) and it looked spectacular.   Her dress was the finishing touch and both Anna and I got tears in our eyes.  She was just lovely.  I have never shot on the grounds at the Hyatt Newporter, but it was perfect!  In fact, after the ceremony, we went back to the hotel for our couples session.   We arrived at the church with not a minute to spare.  We took one quick portrait of Ray (the groom) and then assumed our positions in the church.

What can I say about Ray and Silvia?  These two are so much in love that it just radiates from them.   AND, they had the same wedding song that I had at my wedding 17 years ago.  So, naturally I cried at their wedding.  I know that these two will have so many years of happiness together.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your beautiful day!