I am addicted to improvement… I always strive to be better!  A better photographer, a better Mama, a better spouse, a better communicator, a better person.. just each day become a little better than the last.  One of the areas that I have been working on developing is a commercial portfolio.  This has been a real challenge for me, to really culled down the images I love and make them into a portfolio.

So, last year, a dear friend, and my college roommate, asked me if I would ever be interested in working with her company (a children’s clothing retailer).  In the past, all of my commercial accounts came from personal contacts…. either I had photographed their family, or I knew them from my volunteer work or as personal friends, so I was really excited about the opportunity.

The problem was, I did not have a commercial portfolio to present to her company.  But, thanks to some amazing clients who volunteered their children, I quickly put a shoot together with some darling outfits, and created a quick, online portfolio to share with her company.

So here it is, my first portfolio magazine!  I am working on a new one, as I have several new commercial accounts, but this is where I started!  Enjoy!


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