Reflecting back on 2017, the main word that comes to mind in reference to my portrait photography is growth.  Last year, I focused my attention on improving the studio experience for my clients, creating a better product line, improving communications, improving my website and social media platforms and continuing to push myself to learn complicated lighting techniques.  I attended an amazing conference, Portrait Masters, on my own (which for me was a real challenge as I am intimidated by large crowds of people I don’t know) and I participated in an amazing SEO optimization class.

For 2018, my new word for the year is “Intuition”.  This year I am going to trust my gut feelings and pursue all the opportunities presented to me.  One specific area I am really going to focus on this year is, gorgeous dance portraits or dance inspired portraits.  Many of you probably don’t know this about me, but my passion when I was younger was dance.  I loved dance classes and even taught dance to younger children when I was in high school.

I would like to combined my love of dance and my love of photographer to produce some beautiful works of art.  I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful dancer right before the holidays.  We had an amazing time and combined my wardrobe with her dance accessories to produce some of my favorite portraits to date.  Here is a preview of of few of my favorites shots.  Enjoy!

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