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Sometimes, out of a bad situation comes something fabulous!  That was definitely the case with Ro and Joe.  This fantastic couple had the unfortunate experience of hiring a photographer who disappeared once he received a payment…total bad situation.  My gal Berit from Makeup by Berit, came to the rescue by suggesting the couple contact Blue Sky’s Studio to see if we had the date open.  As look would have it, we did and that led to us getting the opportunity to photograph them (yeah!)….fabulous!  The rest is beautiful history.  

We were lucky enough to shoot their wedding at Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano (our home away from home).   AND the icing on the cake was that we staged a First Glance at the Mission in San Juan, one of my favorites spots in the whole world….so all of the fabulous wedding portraits were complete before the ceremony…. which gave Ro and Joe lots of time to enjoy partying with their close friends and family.  Enjoy the images from the day and a BIG THANK YOU to BERIT!!!!!  

We just got back from Austin, Texas!  It was a great trip and I am in love with the city.  If it wasn’t for my LOVE of the ocean, I would seriously considering moving.  I have a lot of blogging to do in the next few days so you can see what we were up to before I left.   This first wedding was one of the few occasions when I was a second shooter for a good friend of mine Carolyn Rife!   It was a lot of fun to get to work with all the guys and seriously this was a gorgeous wedding party!  I think it is always inspiring to get to see another professional photographer in action.  I think we fed off of each other and I hope she had as much fun as I did.  Enjoy the images.  As you can see, I was working with a lively crew!

Last weekend Anna and I hurried down to An All Inclusive Event to take some detail shots at a 50th Birthday Party.  All I know is that I would be thrilled to have my 50th in such a fantastic location.  Typically this area is used for Weddings, but it is also a great spot for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and memorial services.  I think Terilyn did a fantastic job styling out this spot, especially all the gaming areas…..  Hopefully we will have lots of images from this venue, as I LOVE to shoot in my own backyard.  Thanks for including us!  If you would like to book an event at this venue, head over to their website by clicking here An All Inclusive Event at Laguna Village.  If you book a wedding and use Blue Sky’s Studio, you will receive a free engagement sitting and a free 11×14 mounted portrait!

Here are some of the details from the event: