If you have worked with Blue Sky’s Studio in the past and spent any time talking with me, you probably already know that I am one early bird.  I like to rise long before the sun and I thrive during my quiet morning time.  It is typical for me to rise a 4 am on a consistent basis.  During our crazy, busy holiday season I have even pushed the turn off alarm button at 3:30 am.  Why the insanity of such an early morning, you may be asking yourself?

It is because I know myself.  I am most productive early in the morning.  I find as the day progresses, there are more and more distractions such as phone calls, interruptions at my desk, kids that need rides, photo shoots that need to happen, etc.  I would rather get the hard stuff, such as busy work and editing, out of the way at the beginning of the day while my energy is at its peak.  That way I get to enjoy the fun stuff, such as interacting with clients and photo shoots, later in the day without worrying about any unfinished tasks.

So how do I start my day?  Typically it is with a hot cup of coffee and reading through something educational or watching a quick video on business, listening to a pod cast, etc.  I then go over my gratitude list, putting myself in a positive state of mind and finally walk my pup before turning on the computer and getting to work.  Recently, while listening to a podcast, The 5Am Miracle, I discovered the book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  And I learned, I am not alone in my early morning endeavors!

Let me take a quick step back, I am busy… I mean really busy.  I have two teenage kids, I own a business, I volunteer for local charities, I love to cook, I love self development, I love movies, I need to work out, I love to spend time with family and friends and the list goes on and on.  So how to get all this accomplished each day and still be sane?  I multitask and I get up early!  While walking my dog, I always listen to a self development book on Audible.com, while cooking,  I watch a great movie, while drinking my coffee in the morning, I watch other talented photographers, to add something new to my photography business, while waiting in line at the DMV, I read my book on my phone.

So fast forward to the last few weeks, when I listened to The Miracle Morning while walking my dog, and learned some additional things I wanted to add to my day (I know, I am crazy).  For the last few weeks I have done exactly what was recommended by Hal Elrod…  And here they are:

Silence (or guided meditation)




Reading (or listening in my case)

Sribing (journaling)

All before I start my day.  And I am really happy with the results.  Not only am I able to accomplish what I want each day, but I also have the energy, the serenity and clarity I need to feel great and not get stressed out.  I highly recommend this book to all of you!  Have a beautiful day (and in case you are wondering… in is now 5:30 am)!

The Miracle morning

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