Do you struggle when traveling to get the very best travel pictures? Are you planning an amazing vacation and you want to make sure it is well docmented? Me too!

I hope you are planning to create some amazing memories with your family and loved ones this summer.  I am beyond excited to have had a “girls trip” with my daughter to Barcelona and Paris. I obsessively planned to make sure we got to do some really amazing tours and outdoor adventures.  Be sure to follow my Instagram stories to see all of the highlights of our trip (@blueskysstudio).

In celebration of my travel photography, here are a few tips to get the most out of your shots:

  1. SCALE- You know, the actual size of a monument, a place, a garden, etc.  It helps to give viewers a better perspective of how large or small your subjects are. Luckily for you, when you’re vacationing, you’ll have plenty of people around you who’ll be only too happy to help you show scale in your pictures. These are your friends and family who are with you on the trip…so use them! 
  • LOW LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY–  Get to know your camera and it’s ISO.  In low light or in the evening, set your ISO very high and stabilize your camera (if you have the space, pack a small tripod) to get some amazing shots.  City lights, moonlight on the water, or street lights illuminating a sidewalk will help document your travels and bring back all those memories from your trip.
  • STREET SIGNS- To better tell the story of the place you are visiting, include local signs in your photography.  Especially if the signs are in a different language!
  • STORYTELLING- The old saying that a picture says a thousand words gets remarkably stronger when you put together a series of pictures to tell a real story. The people, places and environments you encounter on vacation are ideal for this purpose. Attempt to tell a photography story by using a series of frames.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR IMAGES ARE IN FOCUS-  My rule of thumb is to make sure the Shutter Speed is at least 1/160 or higher.   If you have no clue about shutter speed, just make sure you either hold very still when shooting an image (I do this by locking my elbows to my side), or set your camera on a stationary object while shooting to stabilize the camera.  

I wish you safe travels and many beautiful memories.  Share your instagram with me so I can follow what you have been up to this summer.

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