What to wear in a family photo–this seemingly simple question grows complex when you realize whatever you and your family wear will be on display for years to come. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right family ensemble.

Nix the matching white shirts and jeans.  The days of matching outfits for family portraits are gone. As an alternative incorporate a color palette like this family photo (colors: white, denim, beige, gray, brown):

earth tone family outfits
from OneGoodThingbyJillee.com


Consider your home. These photos will hopefully be on display in your home, picking colors and styles that go well with your home’s aesthetic will tie everything together. In fact, we can even shoot in your home, like this family:

family photo in your home

from Blue Sky’s Studio

Think layers. Layering a few items like jewelry, sweaters, vests, etc. add texture and realism to your family photos.

wear layers for family photos
from babble.com

Classic style. Of course you want your family photo to reflect your unique fashion sense, but remember how some trends can look tacky just a few years later. Bell bottoms or fluorescent hi-tops anyone?

classic styles for family photos

from Blue Sky’s Studio

Color collaborations. Avoid dressing all in the same colors, but accent each other’s unique style by using a complimentary palette of colors and subtle patterns.

complimentary colors & patterns

from Blue Sky’s Studio

Don’t forget the shoes. Remember, your shoes will often be in the shot so buy shoes that go together and fit the overall style you’re trying to achieve. 

Match shoes for family photos
from Project Inspired


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