I am a storyteller at heart. Maybe that is why I love to get lost in a book or a great movie. I feel like photography has allowed me to tell the story of my clients year after year. When does the story actually begin? I guess that depends on when we begin to work together.

I met many of my clients when working with them on their wedding day. The biggest compliment to me is when those brides and grooms later become family photography clients. I think the family story best begins with a maternity session. To show your child how much you adored them, even before they were born. That is why we put together a Baby Photography plan, so you can get your maternity, newborn, six months and one year sessions in one complete collection. To learn more about these baby plans you can click here: baby plan.  It is easy in the craziness of the first year of your child’s life, to put off a photo session, but believe me, it is so worth it.  They change so fast that first year, from sleeping, to smiling for the first time, lifting their head, to sitting up and finally to taking their first steps.  This time is flies by, but the baby plan keeps you informed and reminds you to book your session and capture all of these moments forever.

Here is a recent newborn session with a beautiful little girl and her new baby brother.  While I did not photograph their wedding, I did photograph her cousin’s wedding (who is also our very talented makeup artist Brittany Norton).  Enjoy!