I am constantly joking with clients about how often I tell them to put their chin’s down.  I often demonstrate on myself by saying: “see when my chins up, my eyes look small, but as I lower my chin, my eyes open up and look big”.  Since as they say “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, the most important part of an image for me is to get beautiful, light filled, sharp eyes on for my clients (unless of course the eyes are closed).

There is a common misconception that if you chin is up, you face will look slim.  This has something to do with the dreaded double chin.  That is the second part of the chin trick.  My clients need to slightly push their chins forward to get rid of the double chin and create a strong jaw line.  I promise, promise, promise this works every time!

Here is an example of the beautiful Rose with her chin up.  It isn’t a terrible shot, but it could be so much better!

Now let’s see what happens when I ask her to put her chin down and out:

Her face looks slimmer, her jaw line looks gorgeous and her eyes are stunning!  A few more of my favorite images of Rose! Enjoy!

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