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Where did this summer go to??? It was too fast, and I want it back. Thank goodness that we still get amazing weather in September and October. I vow to spend a least one beach day before the leaves start changing color.

Anyway….one of my favorite things about being a photographer is the great friendships I have made over the years with my clients. I feel like a small part of lots of great families, being there to document the changes over the years both in how the kiddos look and how their personalities evolve.

I have been photographing this absolute beauty for many years with her gorgeous sister and family. I have never had the opportunity to spend a lot of one on one time with her, so it was such a pleasure to photographer her for her budding modeling career. She is a truly talented dancer and well as a natural beauty, so we focus the session on both.

Thankfully I had her sister and Mom to assist me during the session and we had lots of laughs getting the perfect expression. Thanks for making me a part of the Hulley family! Enjoy!

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  1. Denyse says:

    Love these. What a great model :)

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