I need to spend the time each year just being inspired!  That means trying out new props, new lighting techniques, new clothing, new location, etc. without time constraints.  That is good news for all of you who are looking to have an artistic experience with your portrait art!   I am offering these sessions at a discounted rate, along with 10 fully edited digital files and 1 wall portrait.  Now if you are members of my Blue Sky’s family, then you know this is an incredible deal, cause I don’t sell digital files (they are only available with our largest collections). These sessions will be used on our website and in our promotional material.  Just as an fyi….you must sign a model release to participate.


What I am most interested in:

High school juniors and seniors for my new website and siblings.

These art pieces will be perfect for gifts, seniors, 8th grade graduates, valentines day, birthdays, Facebook profile pics, gifts for your main squeeze!  The list goes on and on!

$399.00 (prepaid creation fee, digital files and 11×14 portrait)

Includes- 10- fully retouched digital files- printable to 8×10 – as you know, I never do this….

(1) non-mounted 11×14 enlargement

A Styled Session by Kristin including help styling the fashion, hair and makeup from Kristin

Value of this promotion is over $700.00

You can also purchase additional art pieces for a 20% discount off of the a la carte pricing.


All sessions must be prepaid and purchased by January 31.  First come, first serve.  Limited to 20 sessions in total.  Once they are booked, no more sessions will be available.

I feel like I am always saying, “the BEST thing about my job is…….”, but I can’t help it!  There are lots of great things about my job!  So, one of the best things about my job is seeing the same kiddos and families year after year and feeling like I am a part of their family.  Take this beautiful girl, for example, I think we have been taking her birthday portraits since she was two years old!  Now we laugh when Mom say “wait, I just need to brush your hair one more time” or “open your eyes when you smile!” :)   She has blossomed into such a sweet and fun gal and we had a great time goofing around in the park!  Thanks for always making these sessions loads of fun for me!  Enjoy!

Tree Climbing, giggling, jumping, skipping, twirling, oh my……. this was such an active afternoon.  It is kind of funny, cause it started out with two beautiful kids who looked shyly at me without much expression, and ended with lots and lots of crazy silliness!  As it turns out, these two fabulous kids have grandparents that live directly behind me, so they were from my ‘hood.  I loved all of the candid shots we got from just playing throughout the park.  This park is not one I photograph in very often, but I am definitely going to start working there more frequently.   I loved getting to know the whole family!  Enjoy the beautiful portraits!

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It is always so great to see old friends.  I haven’t seen this beautiful family in a few years, so I was thrilled when they booked a park session.  The park is at it’s peak of beauty right now, with giant fall leaves on the ground and beautiful golden light filtering through the branches.  Thank you so much for meeting me despite the wet weather!  Enjoy!

What can I say about this beautiful group of gals, and of course, Eugene!  They are always up for anything and, I swear, their Mama must train them, cause they are great at modeling!  So, guess who the Mom is in the portrait…… I know, it almost impossible to tell.  I HEART my couch and I can’t believe it has taken me three months to get it out into the park.  It is exactly as I thought it would be… fantastic.  Thanks Stacey.  Enjoy!