It is always so great to see old friends.  I haven’t seen this beautiful family in a few years, so I was thrilled when they booked a park session.  The park is at it’s peak of beauty right now, with giant fall leaves on the ground and beautiful golden light filtering through the branches.  Thank you so much for meeting me despite the wet weather!  Enjoy!

What can I say about this beautiful group of gals, and of course, Eugene!  They are always up for anything and, I swear, their Mama must train them, cause they are great at modeling!  So, guess who the Mom is in the portrait…… I know, it almost impossible to tell.  I HEART my couch and I can’t believe it has taken me three months to get it out into the park.  It is exactly as I thought it would be… fantastic.  Thanks Stacey.  Enjoy!

The weather has been so crazy this year, it has been tough to get a beach shoot in on a nice day.  We try to schedule this over about a 4 week period and it just kept being terrible weather.  Finally, this family agreed to go ahead and shoot on an overcast day!  I am so glad we did, because I really like clouds and a little gloom in this location!  These guys were so great and really up for doing anything we requested.  Even though it was cloudy, the water and air temperature was really nice and warm.  Directly after the shoot, they grabbed their skimboards and hit the waves!  Thanks so much to the family for working with me!  Enjoy!

Many of you know Suzi from The Perfect Impression (click to see her website) and that we work together on promotions and her catalog shots.  These images are of her beautiful family.  We rushed down to the beach, as it was getting dark, but we were still able to get some beautiful shots of her whole family.  Her girls are just gorgeous, and very, very giggly!  I love the outfits they choose for this shoot.  The dresses are so “hip” without being too trendy.  Thanks for being patient Suzi!  Enjoy!

Can you believe that I have been photographing the Hahn family for almost 9 years!  In fact, their oldest daughter had one of the first birthday parties at Blue Sky’s Salon and Studio.  Now these kids are almost all grown up.  Their parents should be really proud as they are such sweet kids!  I had such a great time hanging out with them and meeting their cute puppy.  I think their Dad needs to come over and give my dog a few pointers as he is an excellent trainer.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the images!  I just LOVE this time of year.