My daughter celebrated her 6th birthday this past weekend and I decided to do an “All About Me”  image for her for her birthday.  I am planning on doing these every year for my kids and when they are older, possibly putting them into a little book.  There are so many things you can do with these stylized Birthday Club files.  We are offering a Birthday Club membership that includes a stylized photo shoot, a stylized “All About Me” print and a digital copy of the stylized print!  Hurry and sign up to take advantage of the discount rate that is being offered until May 25 for the Birthday Club!!

Happy Wednesday everyone and as always, thank you to Miss Kristin for taking the great picture of my girl!


Exciting news Blue Sky’s Studio family and friends: we have a fantastic promotion for kids that we are launching!  It’s called the Birthday Club and we are offering a super sweet deal to our first few members, so join quickly to take advantage of the discount!

Email Kristin at to sign up!

Check out our latest promo for quick headshots sponsored by Acting Academy for Kids!  Contact Kristin or Anna to book!



SO, we at Blue Sky’s Studio are gearing up for our FABULOUS Styled Session Shoots for 2012.  We can’t wait to capture all the beautiful families, children, high school seniors and couples in stunning photographs. And to ramp up for our amazing Styled Sessions and get our creative juices flowing (ok, and also because the idea of kissing my son all over his face is something I am never opposed to….seriously….), we did an impromptu shoot for Valentine’s Day with Kristin’s kiddos and my kiddos (Kristin took these pics in about 20 min…..that woman is a true artist I tell ya) .  So I MIGHT be a LITTLE biased, but these kids are just gorgeous.  And the pictures…..well, they need no words.

Je t’aime.

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