I am going to let you in on a little secret……..we are going to do 20 of the most AMAZING styled editorial sessions this year and we made some changes to our styled sessions to help ensure that they will all be stellar…

1.  We are only going to do 20 of them….but we are going all out for the 20 we do.

2.  We are using a professional stylist that will help with props and furniture.

3.  We are providing clothing consultations/guidance.

4.  We are spending 2-3 hours on each session.

Go big or go home, right?  I can’t wait!

Ok, and I know that the holidays are over and the LAST thing anyone wants to think about is holiday cards, but I beg of you….think about taking advantage of one of these styled sessions for your family photos for holiday cards this year…..especially those of you who want a standout, unique, “up-all-year-not-just-during-the-holidays” type of card……just something to think about.

Happy Week everyone!

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Hi everyone!  In case you don’t know me already, I am Sriti and I am the graphic designer/webmaster for Blue Sky’s Studio.  I am also the person in charge of those fabulous holiday cards that so many Blue Sky’s Studio customers mail out.  I thought I would blog today to remind everyone to start thinking about their holiday cards.  Yep, it is already that time of year.  Appointments are booking up pretty quickly here at Blue Sky’s, and we have already gotten several holiday card orders from clients (pat on the back for those you who are ahead of the rush this year!).  So here are a few examples of our fabulous holiday cards from this year and last year to help inspire you and get you thinking about your holiday cards.  Oh, and call quick to book a session…….we are already almost full for October.  Need another incentive?   We are also offering 20% off your holiday card order with any Blue Sky’s Studio collection purchase through the end of October.  Now who doesn’t love a good sale?