After last year’s bummer summer weather, I am so thrilled at the gorgeous evenings we have been having at the beach.  It is the perfect lighting for anyone, families, engaged couples, kids, weddings…. the list goes on and on.  It was back to the Blue Sky’s office with me (you know, my beach front, get your toes wet, office) with several gorgeous engagement sessions over the last few weeks.  These two flew over from Vegas to take care of their last minute wedding details with An All Inclusive Event, and to get some beautiful portraits on the beach.  I had a blast playing with a new lighting set up and enjoying the beach in an almost private setting!  Enjoy!

As time goes by I am more and more appreciative of the great people that surround me in my life. Success is hard independently, but when you have a brilliant team to rely on not only is it easier, it is also tons more fun. Laura Foster is a member of our amazing team. She is so talented, especially where hair is concerned. She and I have decided to team up on everything from weddings to modeling sessions. I highly recommend that you visit Laura before any photography session with Blue Sky’s Studio. For this photography session, not only did Laura do a great job on three different hair styles, but she also provided lost of the clothing inspirations and hair accessories and most importantly, she provided the sassy couple to model for us. I am thrilled with how all of the images turned out and I am so thankful that we spent the whole day on the session. My gal Cheryl at Radiance Artistry provide the retro makeup! Thanks to everyone for making this a great Blue Sky’s Studio styled session!

You know when someone tell you that they are not photogenic and never take good pictures?  Well, for me, I look at that comment at a challenge.  My job at Blue Sky’s Studio is to make each client feel comfortable enough in front of the camera that they forget I am taking portraits.  Connie and Mike issued me that challenged and told me that they never get a good picture.  Ha!  I say!  Look at how beautiful they both are in all of these images!  They were so cute together and we just laughed and joked around the entire shoot.  I know their wedding portraits at are going to be stunning!  Stay tuned.




This was a really tough post for me, cause there were just so many beautiful shots from Anthony and Jessica’s engagement photography session!  All the elements were there for a fun and funky shoot including their cutie pie dog, Anthony’s new hairdoo and Jessica’s great wardrobe.  Oh, and of course, I love the tattoo of Jessica’s Dad’s name on her wrist!   For me, I had extra fun because I just got myself a new toy….. a Q-flash.  I am totally in love with the moody shots and flexibility this little light gives me!   Well, I am off to another beautiful wedding at Laguna Village.  Thanks to An All Inclusive Event for this great couple and so many others.  Enjoy!!

A few weeks back I thought I would take a fun few days off with my kids in Lake Arrowhead!  I invited Anna and my best friend Keri and her kids… and my friends Vicki and Russell, and their son Liam and my daughter’s friend Molly… and for good measure I threw in an engagement session among the pines.  I know, do I ever just sit and relax????  Well, my only explanation is that my job is my passion so it never feels like work.  And anyway, I got to work with this beautiful couple!  Can you get over Sarah’s stunning eyes.  And Shawn’s baby blue are also pretty incredible!

I am so excited to photograph their upcoming wedding at Laguna Village.  It is another fabulous event by An All Inclusive Event!   It is only a few weeks away, so stay tune for some more of these two stunners!  Enjoy!