As most of you know, I LOVE all things Kaiya Eve.  Kandi, the owner, has amazing style and is a woman who like myself, LOVES vintage anything.  Anna and I, with lots of help, put together a wonderland inspired set in the middle of my favorite field.  We lugged all this colorful stuff out into the middle of nowhere and crossed our fingers that it would all look great once it was set up.  Well, we were not disappointed.  I am officially in LOVE with this shoot.  From the unbelievably stylish clothes from Kaiya Eve (click on the link to visit her website), to the way the candy looked on the table, to all of the beautiful models, I think it was one great, big, fat success.  Enjoy the sneak-peek.  More to come.




Ray and Sylvia were such a pleasure to work with!  I felt like we had kindred spirits as they share my love of the outdoors!  Bugs, climbing, laying on the ground, etc. were no problem for these two!  We were so blessed with a beautiful morning last week with low fog and perfect temperatures!  Although we did get in a little trouble from the rangers for going off of the main path, everything else was perfect.  We ended our session with seeing a family of deers!  It was truly magical.  Enjoy!