A few years back, I was photographing an over the top, fun Bar Mitzvah at The Hyatt Huntington Beach, when I heard someone yell, “hey Krissy” from across the room.  Right away I knew it was someone from high school… because other than my family and my high school and some college friends, no one calls me Krissy anymore.

And there was Jason and his wife (another Newport Harbor High alum), and it turned out they were good friends with my client.  Fast forward just a few years, and the Gendron family had relocated from Newport Beach to Laguna beach and Delaney, their daughter, was in the same grade as my daughter Kasey.  Not only that, but they both were on Laguna Beach’s high school swim team.

So, I was super excited when Krissy Gendron (I know right… another Krissy), called to say she wanted to surprise Jason for Father’s Day with a wall collage of the kids.  We decide to give Delaney the star makeover treatment (not that she needed the hair and makeup, because she is a beautiful girl.. but lets face it, every gal likes a day of pampering).  Brittanynortonartistry did a fantastic job at hair and makeup as did Deseree with styling the session.

Delaney’s brother Garrett showed up as she was finishing up, and was ready to roll!  It was so crazy to see Jason and Krissy’s kids all grown up.  Garrett looks just like dad did when he was a kid!

We managed to get the shoot done and all the wall art back in time for Father’s Day, but Jason just couldn’t wait and last Friday he got his early present!  Here are just a few of my favorites from the session!  Thanks to the Gendron’s for being so great!  To see more of the session, watch the slideshow at the end.  Enjoy.

Everyone warned me that Junior year of high school was killer.  Between academics, standardize testing, school activities and trying to perform in the pool, I feel like my son Cameron never gets a break.  I want time to slow down, because I know the next year or so will go by way too quickly.  I am sure senior year will be filled with friends and fun and I will get limited opportunities to spend one of one time with him before he leaves for college.  This has been in the forefront of my mind as I quickly get in the last of the graduating class of 2015 Senior Photography Sessions.

I am always thrilled to photographer seniors before they embark into adulthood.  Really, it is the last opportunity to have a photography session planned that solely focuses on who the senior is today.  It is even better when Mom gets involved.  I have photographed Noelle for herself and for business in the past, and I was excited to include her in her daughter’s High School senior photography session.  Since the Wheelers have unfortunately, not done many family sessions over the years, we decided to make this about all the girls in the Wheeler family and do a sister’s session as well.  Here are just a few of my favorites from the session.  There were really just so many beautiful images and the girls were naturals in front of the camera!  Enjoy!

I love a gal that comes completely prepared, and who is a little afraid of wearing white pants.  Allyn Ann and family showed up in the Newport Back Bay with super cute outfits on as well as backup outfits just in case something got dirty.   We started by showing Georgia the cute ducks on the farm that I visited most Sunday evenings as a kid.  She asked where the cows, chickens, horses and piggies were?  This two year old definitely has a little spice to her personality… another thing I love especially in 2 year olds.

Like most photography sessions that include two year olds, it felt a little like directed chaos.  Georgia ran back and forth chased by Jeremy, her Dad, or by her sweet Mama.  She shared with Desi and I that her Grandpop calls her Sugar and her Mama say “love you”!  I couldn’t stop smiling.  I ran behind with my camera and tried to distract her my asking her what color are the flowers, and what do they smell like.  In the end we got some many sweet images.  Here are just a few.  Don’t forget to check out the video at the end for more cute portraits!  Enjoy!


Beautiful Sarah is such a sweet soul! Her Mom, Janice, wanted to do something special for her sweet daughter, and thought a photo session to show her just how beautiful she is both on the outside and on the inside, was just in order. Brittany from Brittynortonartisty, showed up early to decide on a fun, youthful look for Sarah. Deseree was on had to provide styling, but Janice got the clothes just right, and we didn’t even need to use any of our wardrobe. We started Sarah’s session in my studio and the surrounding area, but quickly jumped in the cars and headed for an open field. Sarah’s sweet, natural look blended in perfectly with the small purple blooms surrounding the field.

It was such an honor to work with this amazing family. Enjoy!

I am so inspired by the amazing people I get to photograph each day.  Especially those people who face adversity with a smile and have a beautiful spirit.  Carolin is one of those unique, beautiful individuals who can really light up a room with her gorgeous smile.  She is an only child whose Mom is a survivor of brain cancer.  Unfortunately, Carolin’s mom is in wheelchair as a result of an injury suffered after the cancer treatment.  Carolin’s amazing Dad is super supportive, but still has to travel for work.  This doesn’t slow Carolin down at all.  She comes home, helps fix dinner and hangs out and keeps her mom company and still manages to find time to act in her school plays and get all her homework done on time.  A truly warm, sweet, bright and loving person.  I am so proud to have had an opportunity to capture her beauty, inside and out! Enjoy!


See more by watching her slideshow: