Can you even believe how gorgeous these sisters are?  Their little lips and pouty eyes just make me want to squeeze their cheeks!  We had a blast playing and dressing them both up, although baby sister wasn’t as game to go through tons of outfits!  Yes, this was also another great shoot to use my favorite Kaiya Eve pettiskirts and dresses and for hair accessories by Rachelle Silzer!  A big shout out to my friend Kathy for referring this fun family.  Enjoy the images!

My great friend Staci called me up to say that her daughter was getting her braces off and ready to capture her new smile!  I always want to try something different, so I suggested that we go to my new favorite urban spot!  She packed up the car with several “crazy cute” outfits and met me bright and early in the morning.    I think her daughter is stunning!  Enjoy!

I really like to capture several generations of a family and the Reichard’s did not disappoint!  Their parents/ grandparents are in town and they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity by taking portraits in the park.  Even though there was some “harassing” of the photographer (LOL), I had a great time playing with the entire family.   I can’t believe how much the newest member of the family looks like my son when he was a baby.  Maybe we are long lost family members?????  Anyway, enjoy the photos and wave to Grandpa for me!