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Five Ways to Prepare Your Kids for a Great Photo Shoot

We know it can sometimes be stressful to prepare your kids for your family photography session, but I promise we’ll make it your best experience yet! I’ve compiled five of my favorite tricks and tips to help you get your kids ready for the big day.

If you’ve got about 3 minutes, I’ve got you covered. Watch now:

You can also read the summary of the video below.

#1. Make sure your kids know that the photo session is going to be fun! We promise we’ll make it great time for your family.

#2. Get your kids involved in picking out their outfits for your shoot. Select a couple of base colors and then give them a chance to find colors that go with them.

#3. Have your kids select a special object (a crazy hat, a toy, a book) to bring so they can feel more comfortable.

#4. Talk to your kids about who they might want to have a special picture with. We’ll put those shots together for you!

#5. Think of some fun games you can play during the shoot–maybe Red Rover? This can be great for capturing candid shots of your children’s personalities.

Bonus Tip: We want your kids to feel comfortable, even if that means getting to act a little crazy at times. It’s my job to manage the chaos, so don’t worry and have fun!

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