Can we be honest about something? Even if we don’t always think the highest of celebrity’s morals or ethics, we certainly admire their sense of style. In our research for our upcoming Vanity Fair studio photography sessions we came across some truly stunning celebrity family photos that we think might inspire your next family portrait session.

Brad & Angie

When we think of stylized glamour and family fun, our first choice is always Brad and Angelina. Though their relationship may not have been made to last, who could forget their timeless vintage-inspired photo shoot in W magazine? Sure these were taken before the birth of their biological children and these kids aren’t even their adopted children.

But we love the mid-century inspired Steven Klein shoot in Palm Springs.



See all of the photos from this feature in W Magazine

And who could forget their charming, cozy, and candid family photos announcing the birth of their twins, Vivienne and Knox?


Royal Family Photos

Now let’s hop the pond for a moment and take a gander at the beautiful, somehow down-to-earth portraits of England’s Prince William and Kate’s darling family.

Their fall family portrait in stylishly regal coordinated wardrobe highlights their children’s adorable character while showing a less perfectly-posed side to the royal parents.

Prince William and Dutchess Kate with their children

Celebrity Mother-Daughter Portraits

Some of the most stunning celebrity mother-daughter shots are classic beauties we can reproduce in our studio.

Look at these beauties:

Beyonce and Blue Ivy. Vogue, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow and Blythe Danner. 

Celebrity Family Photos by a Celebrity Photographer

And no celebrity family photo round-up would be complete without selections from the photographer who is just about as famous as most of her subjects, Annie Leibovitz.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Suri, just after her birth:

katie holmes and tom cruise

Mark Zuckerberg and pregnant Priscilla Chan:


And even the Obama family have had their portraits taken by Leibovitz:

Vanity Fair

When it comes to evocative, gorgeous family portraits, we hope you’ve enjoyed this inspiration. We look forward to capturing stunning images of your own family celebrities.

Let us know which celebrity-inspired photos you might like to reproduce with your next family photography session!

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