This is this story of a 13 year romance, ending in a beautiful wedding celebration uniquely Jessica and Anthony.   It was a picture perfect day at the beach, just the right amount of diffused light peaking through the clouds.  Jessica was with her best girl friends from high school while Anthony, a little nervous, finished getting ready in his room!   Jessica had not one, but two fantastic dresses and, super duper hot shoes!  We had fun finding some new locations at the Holiday Inn Laguna Beach (which, by the way, is a great spot for wedding portraits) and then we were off to Laguna Village for another beautiful All Inclusive Wedding.  Instead of a more traditional wedding, Anthony waited in anticipation while Jessica met him at the bottom of the stairs so they could walk down the isle together.  After a quick ceremony it was down to the beach where, in Anthony’s words, I earned my $$$$ laying in the sand laughing at both of their silly antics.  One of my favorite images on the day is Anthony and Jessica running down the beach holding hands.  The funniest part was actually watching this, cause Anthony was really hamming it up, skipping and jumping…….  I also love the images of the best friends.  You can really tell how much they love each other!

Another break from tradition was toasting with beer steins and the funky cake topper!  All in all it was a fantastic day and I really had such an awesome time being part of it.  Enjoy!!!!

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