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I have said it before, but this season’s weather is NUTS!  We have had  lots of reschedules and it has made for some pretty crazy weekend shoots.  BUT, you can’t reschedule a wedding.  Kami and Jim thought that they would have to get married in Kami’s parents house because it was a DOWNPOUR all day.  The kids tried to help by doing a “stop this rain” dance.  I guess it worked!  At 2:30 PM the clouds parted and let the sunshine in.  We had one little minor shower, but other than that, this wedding had absolutely gorgeous lighting!  Though it was cold, we had an awesome time on the beach and these two love birds were a blast to work with.  The best part was that Kami had no problem getting the dress wet!  She had such a great attitude and it made it a great experience for everyone.  Hope you enjoy the images, here are just a few of my favorites!