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Kids Photography in Orange County

Orange County Family Photography, Individual Kiddos

I have been an Orange County Photographer for more than 15 years and have learned that to get the absolute best images of your kids, sometimes the best thing to do is an individual session.

It is really fun to get the entire family together for a family portrait, but you have a lot of different things happening to make it really difficult to focus specifically on one child’s personality.  Sibling rivalry, showing off for Mom and Dad, and seeking approval from me or from his parents, can all make it difficult to have a kid’s true personality shine through.

So, if you book a family session, and want to add additional kids sessions on to the shoot, we offer a reduced session fee.  You can contact us for more details.

Here is one of my favorite recent sessions with Connor.  He is a total doll and we had so much fun focusing all our attention on him.  He has a brother and a sister and tends to be a little more quiet than his siblings.  Not on this day!  Enjoy.