Laguna Beach Family Photography

“I love this time of year because we get to do our fun Creative Sessions, which allows us to have a different kind of shoot with a theme.  The lighting, family and location for this creative session was so awesome, I love how the shots came out!  This beautiful family showed up on location with some great outfits!  They brought tons of awesome clothing, perfect for this whimsical setting.  I had such a great time on this shoot running after their little one and taking modeling shots of their beautiful boy.  The kids were truly a joy to be around and of course, as you can see, are just gorgeous!  Thank you so much for coming out and enjoying the morning with me!”  -Anna

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  1. Marjie Wilson says:

    Gorgeous family. What wonderful blue eyes!

  2. Nichole Mushaney says:

    I just adore your photography style!!

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